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Love self, love the world.

Author: Apickmeup Guide
by Apickmeup Guide
Posted: May 18, 2016

I wish to quote two sayings of a Sufi saint of recent times, Sai Baba of Shirdi (1836 - 1918)

"Love and Service are two wings by which man can soar to higher levels of consciousness. If you have the spirit of Love and Service, divine grace will follow you like a shadow,

wherever you may be." "Share your love with birds, animals and fellow beings. Absolute love is true liberation."

Human personality is a social entity. It lives in love just as a fish lives in water. See love in a wider sense like a gesture of cognition, just a look with an attitude, an extended hand, an initiative to give and receive, familial and social interaction. One might as well be a log of wood without love.

One is so assured and habited of the warmth of love in the mother’s womb and then the lap. Probably that is why a human being keeps striving for material as well as psychological security, all one’s life. It is love received in any form that accords security to existence..

A smile is exchanged and we know the simple happiness of having met or the complexity of relations. A glance can mean so much more than what is apparent. A hand-shake means both of us are there just for the pleasure of being together or to solve a problem which is an obstruction to our purpose which we love.

Parents’ love is the strongest of pillars to a balanced personality and contrarily parents’ rejection

can cause fathomless damage to the nature of developing persona of the child. A game played with love of knowing each other as a friend yields so much of satisfaction and is an introduction to the variety of inter-personal relations. If a teacher is able to gain from his ability, a regard that is a form of love, being educated is a pleasure to the student. Participation in activities like dramatics, lecture sessions, debate sessions, sports and such other extracurricular activities is a valuable step to pride for one's personality.

An individual is a product of hereditary factors that provide the physique and its temperament, which forms the foundation. Their constant interplay with the society, its subgroups, the culture thereof including religious influence and the government policies define the uniqueness of

individual personality. In all social relationships existence of Love can be discerned like warmth in a body that is alive. Whether it is functional or dormant but it is very much there.

The interaction of LOVE is one to one or many to one and vice-versa. Finally it is very charming either way, whether the meaning is worldly or divine. You can have a look at the whole panorama of human relations at the website

Then, there are the individuals and groups who for the love of different dogmas are ready to smash the ‘establishment’. For the love of some irrational, they know better, the human body would be trained to transform into a human bomb and blast other human beings into smithereens. A mob has individuals who form a mob for the love of retaliation and would burn up a colony

of innocent civilians because they name God almighty in a different way which they happen to believe in. Love of faith can make a group so die-hard that they would fly planes in a suicide attack to strike down sky-scraper buildings of a prosperous nation whose faith happens to be different to theirs.

Like to know the Author?

Balkrishna Panday, born at Kanpur in UP (India) in 1932, did his schooling at Lahore in pre-partition Punjab. He graduated in Science from Punjab University and did his Masters in Sociology from Christ Church College, Kanpur (1954) and qualified for MBA from Delhi University (1964). As a Senior Marketing and Commercial Manager with renowned industrial houses, he travelled widely in India and abroad. He is busy publishing critique on the panorama of topical hot news, views and glimpses of spirituality. He is a consistent practitioner of social service and meditation.

You and I have to love ourselves for being good enough to the society as also we must love our world at large, in terms of sanctity demonstrated by Christ, Buddha, passed on as 'Suras' and 'Ayahs' of Quran Shareef, the spiritual principles enunciated in Srimad Bhagvad Geeta

some 5000 years ago.

Love the world and love your own self

About the Author

Author Balkrishna Panday brings you a published material that studies the subject of personality, development. He also writes about how to get natural cure without side effect.

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