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Available Boiler Types in London: Installation Guide

Author: Kaitlin Jhon
by Kaitlin Jhon
Posted: May 20, 2016
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When you have to install the new boiler in your home or office, then there are a few important factors that need to be in your mind for the best boiler installation. Knowing what boiler type would be perfect to serve your needs and who is the best Boiler Installer in London or surrounding areas are two most important factors that must be in your mind. To ensure the best results, you should be aware of the available boiler types and their characteristics and you must also need to know a reliable boiler technician in your area to finish the project.

Buying a perfect new boiler for your requirements

Here are the available types of boilers that you can choose from, when looking for New boiler in London or surrounding areas:

1. Combination boilers

The combination boilers are suitable for almost any home, but they are extremely good for the homes where there are not lots of people who want to have lots of heated water at the same time. When you need the hot water, then these boilers will get you the unlimited heat and hot water, but the pressure will go down, if there are more than one tap using the hot water at the same time.

2. System boilers

The system boilers are best suited for the homes that need the heated water on more than one tap at the same time. System boilers will not offer you the heated water instantly, but when it becomes hot, then you can enjoy the same pressure from the multiple taps unlike the combination boilers.

3. Conventional boilers

These are the regular boilers that are suitable for the homes that needs hot water more than 1 places at the same time. If you install the conventional boilers, then it will allow you to get the heated water supply from the multiple taps at the same time, but you should also keep in mind that heated water can run out and you will have to wait for it to reheat.

Energy-efficient boilers

Today, all the new boilers that you will find in the market are energy-efficient boiler. Since 2010, all the boilers need to be A-rated for the energy efficiency, or they must be at least 88% efficient. There is an energy efficiency rating system known as SEDBUK that assess and rate the boilers for their energy efficiency. So, before you buy a new boiler, make sure that it’s an energy-efficient boiler.

Hire an experienced boiler installer

Once you have managed to purchase the right boiler as per your needs, now is the time to get it installed in the most appropriate manner. Professional installation matters a lot because they way your boiler is installed will determine the performance, productivity, and longevity of the boiler. So, you should look for an experienced and qualified boiler installer that must be a Gas Safe registered technician. Make sure that he has the experience to install your boiler in a perfect manner because your boiler is an expensive machine and you just cannot afford to give it to the non-professional hands.

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