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A single shot brand positioning strategy to combat changing competition

Author: Raviraj Mane
by Raviraj Mane
Posted: May 23, 2016

The marketing dynamics are changing continuously as competitive compels firms to push the envelope to the edge. In such a scenario, a single shot brand positioning strategy to combat, is a fine weapon. What’s more, a unique or quintessential method will make the brand marketing strategy is highly likely winner.

Competition affects dynamics of positioning of brand or service

A well thought out strategy is critical to define the positioning on any platform. This works as a combination with the identity that the brand exults. It then matters to whom you sell, the scope and its alignment to connect to consumer eventually. This will eventually drive the business forward. Knowing these parameters will help to create a solitary brand identity design company. What’s equally important while conceiving a plan is that you understand the competition? What drives your competitor to push sales? This will ensure that your corporate identity design company has a chance of winning in the chosen segment.

Develop the game plan or blueprint

This simply means, do your homework or research. If you do not have the time hire a team for the same. Apply the competitive intellgence to postion the brand. This will mean to re-group, get the company’s professionals to work and figure out assests by diagnosing the current team.

Value curve is useful

If you know the area where the rival has failed, try to fill this gap to re-position as a strategy. If you remember when Netflix entered it began operations with clasical movies that were not available on Vimeo or Bolckbuster. Even Tesla got a shot in the arm with low hybrid vehicles rather than pitch for luxury autos. Be different to compete, there is no need to shout out loud. The other key to succed is to communicate to the audience clearly. It brings a sense of loyalty to the brand or service. The best way to communicate is to have a single identity on all platforms. It includes the logo, design, product packaging and tone.

The challenge-recall in consumer’s mind.

This could be pretty tough in today’s times when the attention span has reduced to mere seconds. Take the example of hotel brands, how are they recollected by holiday makers? The first is the expereince they had, then the comfort and stay and the price they paid for the holiday. The rating is good or bad as memories go-one is remembered for the good times-the other for the bad times! But a brand strategy and positioning can make the holiday maker return for a new expereince. The SWOT analysis is still one of the best ways to move forward. It is still a single shot method that will let you know what to implement.

Think out of the box and shout out loud. But the best way is to hire a company that will be able to assist with its expertise. It makes sense to hire a professioanl company that will sought out a winning strategy with varied tools and mixed techniques.

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Author: Raviraj Mane

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