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How to Run a Successful Blogger Outreach Program?

Author: Caroline Murphy
by Caroline Murphy
Posted: Jan 13, 2017
blogger outreach

Blogger outreach program is an essential part of SEO and content marketing activity, the best SEO company in Mumbai said. It is a vital practice in digital marketing and Website Designing Company India which includes helpful articles, blogs or famous third party blogs. This makes way for more visibility and also a good growth as a blogger which needs increase by a higher number of existing audiences of a blog.

What exactly is blogger outreach program and how does it lead to digital marketing campaigns?

Blogger outreach is an activity in public relations which is used to find famous blogs and help audiences in popularizing their own content. And this depends on the type of business for which the campaign needs to be run. Many times the website says the real authors name under the content and this helps in creating articles of good collection and in turn you can achieve more fame which makes your articles and blog posts approved by other bloggers in future. But the "convincing" name part is a part of blogger outreach program.

What are the tools used for blogger outreach? How does this process work?

There are many technologies for blogger outreach followed by Website Designing India. It is also an advanced technology for link building which saves time and effort. Even blog sites searched directly through Google for outreach purposes can help. A few favorite and popular blogs too can help.

Do you promise monetary benefits to bloggers?

If bloggers ask you openly for money then it is politely refused. But one needs to remember that money is not the solution to all user problems. If goodies are offered towards writing content then it’s a personal choice of the content writer. Building a mutual trust is another vital factor where money doesn’t become the main intention.

Any tips on finding the correct websites for blogger outreach campaigns?

  • The blog should fetch a good traffic of 1000 visitors per day.
  • Look for sites which have domain authority that shows above # 40 along with page authority.
  • Page rank should be more than 2.
  • Should have strong social signals with comments and likes.
  • Site should be connected to the topic or article or business niche.
  • The quality of content should be good.
  • Using operators by the search engine are the best way to search blog sites.
  • Every post should have an external link but always remember that it must not be a promotional one. Creating unnatural links should be avoided and creating natural links should be advised or encouraged.
  • Site needs to have a good user interface.
  • Via search engine the site should be indexed.

Any best PR outreach practices?

Phone calls and emails are the best ways to reach out; reaching out on social media too can help. And also there are no shortcuts as such to follow in blogger outreach programs. Experience speaks and also your own impression will help in the long run. It is neither easy nor unachievable. It is a give and takes practice where one develops a bond with their readers and they help you in achieving a successful campaign.

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The author has tremendous experience in designing and owns the best web designing company in Mumbai and has been extremely successful in providing creative services.

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Author: Caroline Murphy

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