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Astrology - A Superstition or Science?

Author: Mohit Dedhia
by Mohit Dedhia
Posted: May 26, 2016

In the antiquated times, astrologers were held to be in extraordinary regard by the general population. There was no distinction amongst stargazers and celestial prophets. In fact, astrology and astronomy were not thought to be two diverse subjects. Numerous will be astonished to realize that a large portion of the eminent researchers of the past, including Sir Isaac Newton, were crystal gazers as well. In old India Astrology was known as "Jyotish Shastra" which included prescient Astrology and additionally what we know as Astronomy. One can still look for famous astrologers in thane to know their future predictions.

The criticism and the safeguard

Astrology is laughed at by individuals for two primary reasons. To start with, obviously, is that the forecasts made by soothsayers frequently turns out badly. Furthermore, on the off chance that one takes his horoscope to various best astrologers in thane, they make diverse forecasts. They even make diverse horoscopes given the same arrangement of information in regards to the introduction of a man. These truths power individuals reason that Astrology is not a science and that it is just a way to befool individuals for the celestial prophets' advantage.

For example, a man falls debilitated because of some infection. He goes to his neighborhood specialist. The specialist encourages him to go for some tests. In the wake of seeing the after-effects of those tests and considering the patient's indications, the specialist infers that the man has gotten some specific malady. He recommends some pharmaceuticals and the patient goes home in the trust of disposing of the ailment as quickly as time permits. Subsequent to taking the prescriptions for next two days, the patient finds that the solutions are not working the way they should work. He does a reversal to the specialist and the specialist changes the pharmaceuticals and the individual begins reacting to the second arrangement of solution instantly. In a couple days, the individual is back to his old solid self.

What might have happened if the individual had not reacted to that second arrangement of solutions? Most presumably he would have gone to another specialist. That specialist would have exhorted him to go for more tests, analyzed his issue according to his own particular learning and encounter and treated him as needs be. Once more, there would have been the same likelihood of the patient disposing of his ailment.

The same thing, when happen with Astrology, is said that it is not a science. At the point when a doctor commits an error, his aptitudes are faulted not the Medical Science. Be that as it may, if an astrologer fails, it is Astrology which is viewed as a pseudo-science. On the off chance that specialists can touch base at various conclusions on the premise of same information, why astrologers are not permitted to vary with each other.

There are famous astrologers in thane who have in-depth knowledge about the subject and are very popular amongst the people. By consulting the best astrologer in thane, you can get accurate predictions for their future.


People have always been interested in knowing their future. Whenever someone is in trouble and can't without much of a stretch leave it, he needs to know whether the times of his wretchedness will arrive at an end by any means. What's more, if yes, then when? At that time they reached out for the astrologers. But in today's time is it just a superstition or is there any reality left behind astrology?

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Author: Mohit Dedhia

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