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Top 4 Myths About Condoms

Author: Elizabeth Myers
by Elizabeth Myers
Posted: Jul 11, 2016

A few decades ago, before the advent of HIV and AIDs, sexual health awareness was not a priority by most people.

Most people then weren't aware of the importance of contraceptives against STDs, since at the time, little was still known about sexually-transmitted infections. However, the rise in the number of people who have casual and unprotected sex has spread numerous illnesses such as warts, general herpes and the HIV virus across millions. ?????? These sexual illnesses have opened the eyes of many to use protection and save themselves from getting sick.

Enter The CondomUsing a condom means you are able to practice safe sex. Anyone who is sexually active should know how to use a condom as it keeps one protected from infections, stops unplanned pregnancies, and even increases the enjoyment and sensation of sexual intercourse.

Some people, however, are still hesitant when it comes to using condoms. This is because they hear myths and stories behind condom usage, dissuading them from protecting themselves. Here are common myths and the real facts behind condoms.

Condoms can make sex painful because they minimize natural lubricationNot true. In fact, almost all types of condoms have some kind of lubrication in the packets. With a condom, you don't really have to use a lubricant or Vaseline to have better lubrication. If you use the wrong type of lubrication, like oil-0based lubricants on latex condoms, you will only cause tiny holes to develop on them, increasing their chance of breaking and defeating the condom's purpose.

Less Sensitivity: You Can't Feel A ThingMany people say and believe that a condom will make the experience feel like nothing. However, condoms can actually make you more sensitive during sex. Try to use spotted condoms or ultra-light condoms; these add a different sensation and give you extra sensitivity.

Putting On Two Condoms Increases Your ProtectionThis is not a good idea since the friction caused by both condoms can cause rips and holes. Have faith in your condom and don't be afraid. It has a little chance if you stored and wore it correctly.

Don't Need One For Oral SexPeople think that oral sex is safe sex. You can still get infected even if you have oral sex, and the person who will most likely get infected is the person preforming the act. You will still need to wear a condom for safety purposes.

People think that oral sex is safe sex. You can still get infected even if you have oral sex, and the person who will most likely get infected is the person preforming the act.

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