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Features of Floor Scrubbing Machine you should be Aware of

Author: Xtreme Polishing
by Xtreme Polishing
Posted: Jun 04, 2016
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In the Floor Scrubbing Machine market today, there have been numerous manufacturers making scrubbers. However, every brand has its own set of unique selling points and feature set. The bigger brand names might encompass a range of different machines, which has been specifically designed for differing floor cleaning requirements.

Floor Scrubber Features

Fold-away Floor Scrubbing Units

A huge number of smaller scrubber machine models have been designed in a manner to be folded away when not in use. They could be put in storage cupboards and even in the boot of a car.

Battery Powered Scrubbers

They would be convenient without wires that could easily be tangled. Battery powered floor scrubbers have been able to be used in water, without any risk of electrocution.

Cylindrical and Twin Disc Scrubbing Brushes

A majority of scrubber dryers have Diamond Magnetic Accessories such as cylindrical brushes that enable them to operate right up to the edge of walls and the skirting boards. Scrubbers having such wide brush tend to be the smaller machines that have been developed to fit into small inaccessible areas where larger machines are not able to operate properly. On the contrary, others encompass twin disc brushes that would thoroughly scrub floors both forward and backward.

Front and back scrubbing action

To maximize the cleaning performance of floor scrubber machines, some have been fitted with squeegee dispensers both in front and at the back of the scrubbing brush. This allows the operator to save considerable time and money by allowing the scrub sufficient floor space in less time. It would use the machine in both directions.

Multi-surface scrubbers

Few floor-scrubbing machines could even be set to work on not only hard floors, but also a wide range of other floor surfaces such as woven short pile carpets, soft floor coverings, travellers, carpet tiles, escalators along with entrance matting surfaces.

Pump multi-wash scrubbing machines

Pump multi-wash machines have been known to make use of a pump along with a much larger cleaning fluid tank capacity that would minimise the number of times the machine has to be refilled. In addition, the pump allows the floor scrubber to be able to scrub, clean and then dry the floor surfaces in one pass, leaving them ready to walk on in minutes.

Ride-on floor scrubber dryers

Few larger floor-scrubbing machines have been designed specifically to carry the operator. It has been termed as 'ride-on.' Usually, the operator has been provided a comfortable, but simple seat, along with user-friendly operational controls and steering. You would be allowed to think that scrubber dryers lacked traction on wet surfaces, but as 'ride-on' carries the additional weight of the driver along with the machine, they have been surprisingly good on wet conditions. Mostly, ride-on floor scrubber machines have been rear wheel steering to cater additional stability with the operator mostly positioned at the front.

Choosing a floor scrubbing machine

You could choose machines having different powers based on your need. The capacity of the motor would determine how intense and effective your cleaning process would be. However, the capacity of the motor would be measured in terms of RPM (rotations per minute). There have been several floor-scrubbing machines for home usage. These would come with different motor speeds. They encompass multi pads that could be operated by these motors. hand angle grinders are also heavily used in DIY home improvement projects.

Xtreme Polishing Systems have been continuing their time-honoured tradition in supplying the industry with best flooring equipment, chemicals and tooling made available at the most reasonable pricing. The company owe their continued growth to you, who have been loyal customer supporting the company through the years.

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