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There Might Be Some Vastu Defects ff You Are Always Suffering From Health Issues?

Author: Kabir Agarwal
by Kabir Agarwal
Posted: Jun 07, 2016

There can be miscellaneous reasons behind a health issue. It can be due to a disordered lifestyle, untimely taking the meals or something like this. However, sometimes people are just clueless about the health disasters. Often people convict the immune system for the same and treat accordingly. But, the same issues continue. In such cases, asking for a vastu check can work in a magical fashion.

Why vastu is important for home designing?

Vastu Shastra is one of the precious gifts by ancient scientists in India. Its theories are absolutely technical and are perfectly proven. Primarily, it’s a study based on different elements and electric fields of the nature. Vastu recommendations are handy to design a home accordingly to make it effective in terms of dragging the positive effects of these elements or the electric fields. Ignoring the Vastu can have the adverse effects on health, wealth and even on social lives as well.

Health issues due to Vastu can affect the whole family:

In short, the architecture of your home not falling according to the Vastu laws can be responsible for a disordered health. Well, not necessarily the ill effects are found on the house owner every time. It can be found upon the other members of the house as well. It’s like the health issues continue in family, one after the other. Needless is to mention despite having all prosperity; life tastes bitter once there is a health issue in the life/family.

Why sometimes people ignore deliberately?

It has been seen in many occasions of people relating Vastu with financial prosperity only. They keep on looking for Vastu tips for wealth. These are the people who think having the ‘wealth place’ in right position in a home is all that a Vastu expert is supposed to do. They forget the fact that there is the ‘health place’ in a home, which needs to be positioned properly. After all, there is no meaning of a financial prosperity once the health issues keep on continuing. Health concerned issues are rather the larger forms of losses for a human.

Extra expenses:

In some occasions, despite knowing the health issues are appearing due to Vastu, people don’t want to consult someone who is an expert. The reason is apparent; they fear about the expenditure. They have it in mind that a Vastu correction basically means changing the structure of the whole building, demolishing various parts, purchasing expensive Vastu instruments, etc. Basically, they get frightened about the cost. In addition, there remains the fear of fraud Vastu agencies as well.

The best recommendation:

The best way to confront the challenges mentioned above is to find a compliant Vastu service providing agency. Saral Vaastu can be a fantastic recommendation in this regard. It’s one of the prominent Vastu consultants in India. One of the biggest advantages of going with Saral Vaastu is that here you can expect the solutions at minimal possible expenditure. They never ask you about changing the entire location of any set-up or demolishing something. Neither have they demanded huge prices for extraneous Vastu instruments.

Dr. Chandrasekhar: A prominent name in the world of Vastu

There is nothing surprising about Saral Vaastu offering such simple solutions, though. It has been accomplishing things in the desired fashion since years under the aegis of the huge experience of its director; Dr. Chandrasekhar Guruji. Guruji holds adequate knowledge and certifications concerned with the Vastu studies. He has delivered more than two thousand seminars and has received 16 renowned national and international awards. There is no doubt about him providing only the most scientific solutions, as the popular Philanthropist holds BE in Civil Engineering as well.

About the Author

Kabir Agarwal is an expert Vastu Shastra consultant. The writer has a flair for writing and he keeps on writing various articles and blogs related to the industry.

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