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An Overview of Honeycomb Panels Produced by Pacific Bedrock

Author: Ron Goldsmith
by Ron Goldsmith
Posted: Jun 08, 2016
honeycomb panels

A honeycomb is truly one of the most fascinating things in the world. However, while it is few and far between that we get to actually be thankful for the engineering intelligence behind the wax structures designed by bees, witnessing these creative hexangular conventions simulated in the design world can be even more attention-grabbing.

In point of fact, Pacific Bedrock has been dealing in the business of honeycomb panels and their products are attractive and useful enough to breathe a new life into exterior design. Pacific Bedrock’s variety of honeycomb panels is immense and beyond compare. The semi-transparent stuff and smart use of luminosity also create eye-catching visual effects.

The product has its own fascinating back-story as well, as it was not quite while hunting for honey that the company’s founder Ron Goldsmith comes up with the idea. Ron Goldsmith is the whiz kid who has already worked with Aluminum Honeycomb Panels in crash test barriers.

Being cognizant of the potential to deploy this groundbreaking technology to a wider range of architectural uses, Ron Goldsmith was born with the idea of creating eye-catching yet contemporary, light and well-built surfaces. Aluminum is still the first preference of people for creating the well-built honeycomb at the nucleus of the panels, squeezing it in between other prudently selected stuffs such as polycarbonate skins, acrylic or casehardened glass.

Why Use Sing Core Aluminum Honeycomb Panels?

Excellent Strength

Original sing core aluminum honeycomb panels are far stronger than steel, making use of a 2×2 inch grid with our innovative design and process thus giving more weightage to added strength vis-a-vis to aluminum core.

Additionally Lightweight

Sing core aluminum panels are additionally more lightweight comparatively to aluminum core without compromising durability.

Insulated Aluminum Panels

Sing core aluminum panels are all the way through insulated and have deep-seated salient lineaments, which are fundamental to the original process and design.

Environment Friendly

The patented sing core processes and products are taken in as "Environment-friendly" technology. The process consumes fewer person-hours, force and equipment to craft any other panel product. Our patented process also produces negligible waste, thus making the globe a hygienic place.

Lightweight, Powerful, oxidization Resistant

Sing core aluminum honeycomb structural panels are just the ticket where lightweight and huge power are the basic necessities. Sing core panels offer outstanding corrosion and heat/fire resistance alongside the uppermost weight-to-strength ratio and dimensional quality (flatness, etc.) these are the benefits you can reap.

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Pacific Bedrock is a leading specialist manufacturer of stone, marble, slate and Panels for both commercial and residential uses. Our products' portfolio consists of translucent marble panel,lightweight stone panels, aluminum honeycomb panel, Lightwe

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