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Plan For Your Retirement With Best ULIP Plans

Author: Anumeha Singh
by Anumeha Singh
Posted: Jul 12, 2016
ulip plans

The ULIP plans structures are best known for its simplicity and its universal nature of being an investment cum insurance product. ULIP plans are an echo of investment returns and life coverage. The ULIP plan is that product segment which purely focuses on providing financial security and life coverage. The prototypes of ULIP plans are wealth creation opportunities for the policyholders. The Partial investment amount is further invested into the direct market to let the funds grow.

The ULIP plans are uniquely structured to provide the best coverage to your life stage needs. Hence, the ULIP plans are best known for its simplicity and convenience in terms of plan structure.

How do ULIP Plans Work?

ULIPs are broadly known as Unit Linked Insurance Plans that are the best investment options for the ones looking for investment cum insurance plans. These plans provide both life coverage and also the flexibility to invest your funds in direct markets. ULIPs does investment into equities and debts and the change in value is calculated on the basis of the Net Asset Value of the product. Although this product is a rare in investment sector does has a major role to play in the market.

This ULIP fund investment choice has two options to cater the investors which either equity or debt or both which totally is a dependent on the basic performance of the direct fund market.

This makes you eligible to receive the best market value of your product at the time of maturity of your Ulip Plan

How ULIP Plans are priced?

The ULIPs carry certain costs which are included in their structure, that are further divided into various categories described below:

  • Policy Administrative Cost: The administrative costs in ULIP plans are subject to deductions timely for the revival charges of insurance plan maintenance.
  • Surrender Cost: The surrender costs in your ULIP policy are applicable on complete or partial withdrawal of accumulated premiums as per the policy records. These costs are applied as the percentage of premium of the fund value.
  • Premium Allocation Cost: Such premium allocation costs in ULIP plan are applied by the insurance holder on the medical expenses or the underwriting expenses incurred by the company.
  • Cost of Discontinuation: In a case of the discontinuation of the ULIP before its maturity and the lock-in period then a minimal discontinuation charge is deducted. Charges are these are under IRDA regulations hence are applicable to all policies.
  • Mortality Cost: The cost related to the ULIP plan like the mortality costs are incurred to give coverage to the insurance holder that varies with the assured sum and the age of the unit policy which are deducted monthly.
  • Switching of Funds Cost: The ULIP plan allows you to make you’re the investments of your money into various fund choices which additionally gives the choice of equity to debt or debt to equity funds where the insurance provider charges a minimal for the switches. Generally, the companies allow certain initial switches for free every year.
  • Fund Management Cost: The ULIP plan aggregated sum funds get invested into the equity or the debt tools of which the policyholder bears the cost of the fund management varying accordingly to the plan and the amount after calculating the deductions as per the NAV (Net Asset Value).

Following are some ideas on how to choose the best ULIP plan:

  • Select the best ULIP plan online since ULIPs are known for its simplicity in term of investments.
  • Choose your ULIP plan that provides a wide variety investment options and is best regulated as per the market performance.
  • The charges that ULIPs incur are now ULIP charges are now structured on least expenses with no charges of mortality and other fund regulated. Choose ULIP’s that come with the least expense, e.g. a structure with zero charges for mortality and fund management.
  • You need to invest on the with the several premium payment options to ease your burden of running to the nearby branch or carry cash and also the flexibility to customize your plan.
  • The ULIP plans are the best which are of comparatively smaller policy term than the ones with 15-20 years.
  • Also, choose a ULIP plan that provides death benefits. Since these plans have a sum assured which is higher than the usual and is also of more fund value.

ULIPs are advised to be best investment options your required sum assured along with the investment options you seek to have and partial withdrawals and surrender value. Make smart investments after thorough research about the products.

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