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Common Problems With a Sump Pump

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Jun 13, 2016

Sump pumps help to prevent water from seeping into the basement ceilings and walls. If it quits working the basement ceiling and walls can start to sustain water spots, molds, and mildew appearing on the surface. There is also a musty odor to the basement air. There are various things that could cause your sump pump to start having problems.

  • There could be some problems with the drain pipes so the first step is to disconnect the drain pipes, and then switch the sump pump on. If you see water flowing out there is a chance that there could be a hindrance like debris getting in the way of the drawn somewhere from where the water is coming out.
  • Touch the pump to see if it is vibrating and if it is, the sump pumps condition is normal. If it is vibrating when it is switched on but is not throwing water through the pump the sump pump is in working condition. If this is not the problem there could be a defect inbuilt in the pump that requires repair.
  • There could be a defect in the sump pumps screen. If it has a cover, remove it and place it on the side. If there are any obstructions or debris clean the screen thoroughly. Clean the sump before you put the pump back into its space.
  • Make sure that the float switch is in good working order. It has an electrical connect so the defect is in the movement of the cord. The switch should not a movement that is restricted. If the movement is stunted you should check to find the cause. If you do not find the cause you should call a plumbing service to fix it.
  • The source of power plays an important part in helping to detect any defect with the working of the pump. Check to make sure that switch is turned on. If the switch is creating the problem due to not working just change the switch with a new one.
  • Check where the
sump pumps is placed because when it is placed around muck and dirt the particles could travel into the pump, creating more problems with the efficiency of the pump. Make sure where you have installed the pump that it is kept clean.

  • You need to ensure that the sump pumps that you have installed are in accordance with the space it has to cover in order to drain out any water. There is a chance that the one you have installed is too small
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