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Mobile phones- why they are important?

Author: Anil Sharma
by Anil Sharma
Posted: Jun 13, 2016
cell phones

We are dwelling in a world where living without technology is like living without air. In this technological era the peculiar yet revolutionary invention that drastically changed the way we live are indeed cell phones. We can’t even think for one second to get part away from them as it’s a big world enraptured in small device. Nobody would’ve been thought that one day people living in different horizons will connect through each other via this small device.

Over the past recent years phones have evolved as a technical device that holds enumerable services. The market of mobile is growing rapidly and it’s one of the densest yet profitable markets in the world at present time, with the telecom sector touching new heights every day.

With time people have become addicted to it. We can’t even imagine our world without these little devices. If we are talking about cell phones then undeniably Internet can’t be left out of the game. We all know very well that phones came in our era long ago but the real benefit we gain from it is when Internet comes in Game. It sort of re-revolutionized the market of cell phones once again. The things that we once thought were out of our reach soon became accessible to us and people start connecting with each other on a huge platform. With this come benefits that change the way we live and we know that changes are for Good sometimes.

MORE THAN COMMUNICATION AND ENTERTAINMENT: Mobile phones give us unlimited access to entertainment world. We can listen to songs, watch movies & videos. we can even stream live shows online. But with entertainment comes it’s one more benefit that is use of this device for business purpose. With latest models of mobiles we can do almost everything ranging from creating presentations to editing world files online.

SAFETY ISSUES: Although we can’t justify this point accurately that having mobile is a guarantee for safety. But still we can rely on them for some matters. If your are travelling to a unknown place, mobile phones keep you connected with your dear ones. In case of accidents or any unexpected events we can immediately inform someone, who can rescue the victim from the site. At night it can prove out to be a great asset for girls while travelling alone. Likewise there are many more instances where these gadgets can prove out to be of great use.

INTERNET CONNECTIVITY: : Internet is like a diamond that adds spark to king’s throne. With the evolution of Internet almost everything that takes effort in the past has now become so effortless. Mobile banking, Online shopping, online booking are such things that we can do sitting at home easily. We can even buy groceries sitting at home. These benefits not end here as the mobile market is growing everyday so as the marketers are using new ideas to make it better from every aspect.

So, it seems virtually every service is now available on cell phones. So, it won't be a hyperbole if it is said that technology is today on our fingertips and that the reason Mobile phones have become necessity in present world.

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Aisha Gupta is renowned Business analyst managing several brands to get quality results. Currently she is managing onsite tasks on Ohmyrupee.

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Author: Anil Sharma

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