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Posture Braces – Purpose, Benefits and Types

Author: Rosa Andrew
by Rosa Andrew
Posted: Jun 14, 2016

Obviously the purpose of posture braces is to correct your posture and keep your shoulders from slouching forward causing more stress on the lower and mid back. For those of your that work at a computer for the majority of the day knows just how painful bad posture can be.

Posture braces will aid in pulling the shoulders back while putting some pressure on your middle back causing your midsection to be forced outward. This simple application of force will ultimately lead to better posture. Not only are posture braces used by people looking to improve there posture, but they are also used by many industries where having good form is a must. One such industry is dancing…there are many dancers that use a posture brace so they can be less cognizant of keeping proper form through there routine. I have also seen several service men wear them as bad posture in the military is very frowned upon. They make some braces that are unnoticeable under a uniform.

With corrective posture brace you will benefit from less back pain, fewer tension headaches, increased circulation and best of all correct posture will give you a sense of confidence. This can be a achieved with a simple posture brace and there are many on the market to choose from. Knowing as much as you can about these devices will help in your purchase, so let me walk you though some key points.

There are many manufactures of posture braces such as Shoulders Back, Underworks, Benchmark, Footsmart and FLA Orthopedics. This is just a handful of manufactures and there are several more. All provide great posture braces for unique situations. It’s recommend that you you try several braces so you can find one that best fits you. Yes, it’s a pain and you might spend more than you like, but all to often someone will go out by a posture brace only to not like how it feels on them. They do take time to get use to and you will feel some discomfort after the first couple days of use. But, the longer you stick with the sooner you will be on your way to perfect posture. Once you find a brace that you like I would recommend buying a couple so you can swap them out as you wear them. Wash one and have the others ready to go…they do tend to get a bit sweaty and washing them often is a must. How often you wear your brace is up to you, I normally wear mine at least ten hours a day. Usually an hour before work, eight hours at work and hour when I get home.

I would also like to ad that posture braces are highly recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors, at least mine recommended the use of a brace.

The best to place to buy your brace will be one of the many online retailers. I can’t recommend a certain one, but there are plenty to choose from. Price on posture braces will also vary in range. I have seen some premium posture braces sell for as high as $300 and the low being about $20. Not ever having a expensive brace I can’t really comment on them, but I’m quite happy paying the $50 that mine cost. I use a Shoulders Back brace and love it.

Using posture braces will help with correcting your posture. Posture braces are also good for helping lower back pain as they will help support the back muscles. Living with bad pasture can be a pain and you need to look at posture braces as a tool to the end result which is correct posture, so go out there and buy some posture braces to get on the track to perfect posture.

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