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Useful Tips in Selecting a Hospital Bed Supplier

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Jul 12, 2016
hospital furniture

Healthcare places like dentist clinics, hospitals, dispensaries and nursing home need innovative medical furniture for proper treatment and comfort of patients. The variety of hospital furniture like medical trolleys, hospital chairs, bedside tables, blood donor chair, hospital beds and backrest beds play an important role in enhancing the efficiency of medical institutions. Hospital furniture manufacturer uses innovative technologies to develop the state of art. Hospital furniture manufacturer make sure that healthcare institutions are getting best furniture from all over the world.

Below are some different types of hospital furniture and their uses:

1. Hospital Bed

The foremost thing that affects the comfort of patient is hospital beds.The automatically adjustable beds offer easy up and down of the patient’s position. Plain medical bed, fowler beds, ICU beds, semi fowler beds and pediatrics are some of the different types of hospital beds that are used for patients. ICU beds are composed of corrosion free material that ensures durability and sturdiness. Pediatrics beds are designed with railings to ensure safety of patient from falling or injury during rest. Semi-fowler beds are used to bend patient’s position while cleaning and feeding.

2. Hospital chairs

Various types of chairs used in the hospitals are stair chair, stretcher chair, common wheelchair, recliner chair, lift chair and shower chair. The medical chairs are well equipped with comfortable seat, back support and armrest. Paediatric health institutions can purchase baby children chairs. Hospital furniture uk can be customized according to size, type, need, design, material and shape. These chairs are used for different medical condition treatments.

3. Hospital Tables

Hospital tables are meant for operations, surgeries and treatments. Another type of hospital table is delivery table that is used for delivery of the baby. They are designed to provide comfort to the pregnant mother during labor.

4. Hospital Trolley

Trolleys are considered important for quick portability of the surgical instruments and other useful equipments. Large devices like keratometer, anesthesia and heavy surgical devices are transported with the means of trolleys.

5. Hospital Cart

Hospital carts are used to transport various heavy equipment like drug cartons, medical instruments and diagnostic devices. Anesthesia carts are specially designed furniture that are used in the operation rooms and comes with locking swivel casters.

6. Ward Furniture

Ward furniture is used in all the medical institutions, hospital and medical places. Ward plain bed, washbasin stand, bedside screen, hospital basin, deluxe lockers and IV stand are included in the ward furniture category.

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