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Benjamin Ambrosio - Steps for Becoming a Police Officer

Author: Benjamin Ambrosio
by Benjamin Ambrosio
Posted: Jun 15, 2016

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming a police officer, there are a number of steps that you must complete before being hired. While it wasn’t the easiest process, Benjamin Ambrosio, a New York City police officer for more than ten years, was more than happy to complete the process if it meant him landing his dream job. Many police agencies throughout the United States utilize a process that involves a number of steps that are conducted over a period of weeks or months. This is done in order to weed out undesirable candidates and identify recruits that have traits that are desirable to police work.

The first thing you must do is to fill out an application. While there are some police departments that accept applications on a revolving basis, many require applicants only apply to postings on specific jobs. Early on in the process, you will be expected to take and pass a civil service exam. These tests are designed to evaluate an applicant's verbal skills as well as their knowledge on specific job-related skills. You may have to complete a physical attributes test on the same day. This test is used to evaluate your general health and fitness.

The initial interview takes place in front of three or more officers, each of different ranks. The purpose of this interview is to determine how well each potential recruit thinks under stress. Along with the routine questions, you will be provided with various scenarios and be required to explain how you would handle each one. While these exams are taking place, an extensive background investigation will be performed, which will include not only a criminal background check but an investigation into your character. They will look at your attendance, punctuation, and discipline history, to name a few.

If the background check doesn't turn up any information that would be an automatic disqualification, you will then be subject to undergoing a polygraph test. This is administered to assess the honesty of applicants. This is followed by a psychological examination by a psychologist and a physical examination, which can include a treadmill stress test and echocardiogram. If you happen to become one of the final selections, you will have to participate in an executive interview. These are usually conducted by high-ranking officers and determine if they believe you fit in with the rest of the department. If this interview goes well, then you have a really good chance of being hired. Once you land the job, you will have to enter into the police academy. Benjamin Ambrosio graduated in the top ten percent of his class at the New York Police Academy in 2005 and has been serving on the force ever since.

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About the Author

Benjamin Ambrosio served as a New York City police officer for eleven years. During his time in the police department.

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Author: Benjamin Ambrosio

Benjamin Ambrosio

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