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Garage Door Opener Problems

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Jun 18, 2016

It is nice to have a garage door opener to open the door, especially during inclement weather but sometimes they can give you trouble. Usually it is due to all of the electronic components found in the opener. When you start to have trouble with it the best thing to do is troubleshoot it to find the problem and either fix it or buy a new one. Many times it is a minor problem the homeowner can fix.

If you are able to open the garage door using the interior button but cannot do it with the remote then there is a problem with the remote. Try changing the batteries first to see if this solves the problem and if does not check the program. Get out your manufacture's guide to find the instruction codes and reprogram your garage door opener. If your problem is still not fixed there is a good possibility that there is a defect in the remote so you will need to buy a new remote. If the door does not even open when you push the interior button you will need to make sure that the opener is powered and that the motor is running. Check the tracks on the doors to see if there is any debris that could be blocking the movement of the door. If everything seems okay but it is still not opening you will have to call a professional garage door service as there is probably a problem with the opener that might need some repair work.

If the garage door makes noises while it is opening or struggles to open it could be that the tracks are not lubricated properly or there is debris clogging the track. This is a simple fix in which you have to make sure that the tracks are lubricated well and that any debris is removed. If your garage door is opening and closing on its own accord there is most likely a circuit in the transmitters or wiring. First check the transmitter for the short and if there is a short it could make your transmitter send signals that are continuous. Take the batteries out of the transmitter and replace them. If the door appears to close completely but as soon as the carriage and arm run passes the down limit and then hits the header it will reverse the action and the door starts to open again. If it continues to do this after changing the batteries and checking the transmitter it is probably a short in the wiring which you will need a professional garage door service to fix it.

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