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Employees And Long Service Award: A Brief Guide For Entrepreneurs

Author: Alonso Ziu
by Alonso Ziu
Posted: Jun 18, 2016
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Presenting a Long Service Award Plaque has become a common practice for a number of companies. It is an incredibly awaited happening, particularly for large corporations, as staff from all departments come together in a single location. If you're thinking about whether you have to carry on with your notion of presenting awards to your employees, may that be sales awards or performance awards, go on and, just do it. It wouldn't cost a lot of cash because these days, plaques and trophies of all styles and sizes can be bought easily online. Awards and trophy retail businesses on the Internet would even help you customise the award to ensure that it is in line with your brand or company logo.

Praising your workers with Loyalty Awards

In the past, companies give long service Awards very simple gifts such as mugs or pens. However, times are changing. These days, companies take into consideration new ways to demonstrate real appreciation toward loyal employees. Giving out something tangible just like plaques and trophies is a common practice. Typically, these loyalty awards include special gifts tailored with the awardee’s interests.

This must not be a complex process if you're working with your staff for a while now. Pretty much, you already fully understand what they're enthusiastic about apart from work. Like for example, awardees who are sports fanatics may be given new sports gear, together with the award itself. These trophies and plaques will turn out to be extra special for the personnel as they know that you've exerted effort to learn their passions.

Aside from that, they can keep with them their loyalty awards anywhere they go, once they relocate to a new home or department. They could even have it showcased on their desks, if they choose to.

Keeping employees informed about a long service award

A long service award is sometimes neglected given that they’re presented very far between each other. It’s not uncommon for companies to only give this after an interval of 10, 20, or possibly even 30 years. New employees or employees who have been around for just a couple of years might not be aware of this. And so, it is necessary that as you hire employees, tell them also concerning the awards they're able to receive if they stick around. Aside from long service awards, mention at the same time some other awards they're able to get such as sales awards or possibly even retirement gifts. This will serve as a source of drive for new members of the team.

Recognising employees for staying with the company for several years is certainly one effective way you'll be able to show your whole team that loyalty is a thing you take seriously. Long service awardees get to show their fellow staff they're not only usual faces they see on the floor every single day. They're respected members of the company. The importance of a long service award in increasing employee retention is far-reaching simply because it boosts employee morale as well. In case you do not want to be always searching for a replacement, then consider awarding your personnel. Talk with awards and trophy retail suppliers on the Internet and ask how they can assist you even more.

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Author: Alonso Ziu

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