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Reasons Why We Move House

Author: Anna Preston
by Anna Preston
Posted: Jun 21, 2016
If you've lived in your current home for any length of time it can be a daunting prospect deciding to move home. Many people worry they will regret it but remember that it is you, your family and possessions that make a home not the building. It is an expensive and stressful thing to do but sometimes you simply have no choice. So let's take a look at some of the reasons that might make you decide that now is the right time to move.

Making the decision to move may have happened gradually for you, for instance as your family grew and started to outgrow the space you had. It can also happen in a rush, say when you are offered a great new job in a different location. And we all feel differently about our homes – some love the feeling of being in the same place for many years, especially if it is the only home your children have know. Other relish the excitement of a new place or new area.


Few of us have the luxury, or even the desire, to stay put in one village, town or city all our lives and that's probably a good thing because many employers expect their staff to relocate, especially if they are seeking a promotion. Many of us will have experience the mad rush to find a good self storage deal, pack away our familiar stuff and move to a rented, furnished apartment in a new part of the country.

Outgrowing Your Space

No matter how organised you are, no matter how much clever storage you buy there will come a point where anyone with children will outgrow their space (unless you were lucky enough to start out in a family home, which is increasingly rare these days). So a house move is often the result of finally having enough of crammed cupboards and overflowing wardrobes and just wanting or needing a bit more space.

Personal Circumstances

Getting married, settling down with a new partner, career progression starting a family or the end of a relationship are all personal circumstances that can mean we either want to or need to move home. Proximity to a new job, transport links, entertainment, good schools, open spaces; these all become more or less important at different times in our lives.

Moving Up The Housing Ladder

Sometimes we are just lucky enough to have the funds to move to a bigger or better house; maybe something with more space, a larger garden or just in a better area. Our career might have taken off or we might have inherited some money and we want to invest in a better property. It isn't as easy now as it once was to secure a large mortgage but if you have the funds to do so or have inherited money, then why not? We all wish from time to time of a dream home – if it isn't achievable we can be perfectly happy in our current home but if a major improvement is possible go for it!

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