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Best Keynote Speakers of 2016

Author: Katy Kat
by Katy Kat
Posted: Jun 22, 2016

Top Keynote Speakers of 2016 Booked by BigSpeak Speakers Bureau The best keynote speakers and business speakers of 2016 have booked up most of this year and are already accepting engagements for 2017. These top speakers are well-known subject matter experts who engage with audiences all over the globe. Whether they’re a celebrity, athlete, television host or another superstar from our diverse roster of experts, these top keynote speakers are guaranteed to energize any conference or event.

The Shark Tank Speakers Shark Tank’s expert entrepreneurs Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Daymond John, and Kevin Harrington are our top keynote speakers this year. Their real word business guidance, ability to recognize pitches with potential, and acute investing skills make any one of the Shark Tank sharks a top choice for keynote speakers at nearly any business event.

Hook one of BigSpeak’s Shark Tank Speakers today, we promise they won’t bite! Fredrik Eklund Real estate agent Fredrik Eklund brokers multimillion-dollar deals for celebrities in New York city. Very much a celebrity in his own right, as the star of Bravo’s Emmy nominated show Million Dollar Listing New York, Fredrik is a highly sought after keynote speaker for sales and leadership. A bright and enlivening speaker, and the top seller in the most competitive market in the world, Fredrik’s keynote addresses offer his personal insight on how to become successful by recognising your own individual talents, as well as offering his expert strategies on how to close any sale.

Jeff DeGraff Referred to as the "Dean of Innovation", Jeff is one of our top keynote speakers on innovation, business strategy and management. Jeff is business professor at the University of Michigan, where he has created the Innovatrium, a workspace that fosters the creation and development of new ideas. Not to be outdone, he is also an author of two best-selling books on creativity and innovation and has his own radio talk show with Michigan Radio called The Next Idea. With a genuine enthusiasm and unique perspective, Jeff will inspire and motivate your team, and he will do so by providing you with a series of comprehensive steps.

Marc Randolph As the Co-Founder of Netflix, Marc is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur. He has founded more than a dozen successful startups and thrives when mentoring entrepreneurs in the early stages of their ventures. He is also an investor in many successful tech ventures. Marc’s motivational speeches focus around the topics of healthy risk taking, and the origin of ideas and will also provide steps on how to follow through with those ideas. Marc will show you how innovation has the power to completely change an entire industry.

Peter Zeihan As a geopolitical strategist, some of Peter’s specialties include: global energy, demographics, economics, emerging markets, and security, to name a few. His analytical models and projections display how global politics impacts various markets and economic trends through taking into account past, current, and future global events. His personal firm, Zeihan on Geopolitics, provides custom analytical products to wide variety of sectors, such as, energy majors, financial institutions, business associations, agricultural interests, universities and the U.S. military. Peter is an energetic speaker and has a knack for breaking down dense material into accessible information with valuable takeaway points for industry and economic outlooks. With a multitude of keynote topics for discussion, Peter is sure to help your organization navigate today’s complex mix of geopolitical risk and opportunity.

Ben Casnocha Ben’s expertise lies in technological entrepreneurship, Talent Development and Human Resources. He leads inspiring conversations about innovation, Millennials in the workforce, and tech startup ventures. Recently, Ben served as Chief of Staff to the Chairman at linkedIn, and is also a New York Times best-selling author. He co-authored two books with LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman which discuss how to create a mutually beneficial relationship between organizations and their employees, and serves as a guide book to navigate the changing workplace. Ben is a charismatic speaker who uses anecdotal stories to engage his audience while simultaneously providing insightful and thought-provoking content.

Tan Le Tan is an innovative technology entrepreneur, business executive, and expert keynote speaker. She is the Founder and CEO of the bio-informatics company EMOTIV, which is recognized as a world leader and pioneer in the field of brain-computer interface. Tan has received countless awards and recognition, for her groundbreaking work in neuroengineering. She was listed on Forbes 50 Names You Need to Know, and named one of Australia’s 30 Most Successful Women Under 30, to name only a few. A Vietnam refugee at the age of four, Tan has an inspiring immigration story. A powerfully gifted and eloquent keynote speaker, her discussions are technologically enlightening and also emotionally stirring and motivational.

Thomas Kolditz A retired Brigadier General, and a veritable leader in thought leadership, Thomas’ keynote addresses center around leadership management, emotional intelligence, change management, to name a few. His career accomplishments are vast and speak to a lifetime of leadership and management experience. Thomas is the founding executive director of the Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University, he was also the founding Director of the West Point Leadership Center and served as Chairman of the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership at West Point. Not to be pigeon-holed, Thomas is also an author, a sky-diving instructor, and holds a PhD in Social Psychology.

A sought after keynote speaker for his leadership and management expertise General Thomas Kolditz is sure to get your organization back into tip-top shape. Aaron Ross Aaron is a business growth and sales expert, and one of our top sales and marketing speakers. He is the bestselling author of Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into a Sales Machine with the $100 Million Best Practices of, which has been referred to as "The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley" and has ranked #1 on Amazon’s telemarketing list for the past two years. Aaron’s keynote addresses provide an organization with specific takeaway ideas and actions to create predictable and scalable sales revenue. His presentations can also be tailored to a workshop format specific to the organization. Peter Diamandis An engaging futurist and innovation speaker, Peter was recently named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine.

Peter is the CEO of XPRIZE Foundation and Co-Founder of Space Adventures and Zero Gravity Corporation. He focuses on technologies that will cause disruptive innovation which will transform many companies, industries, and markets within the next twenty years, such as: artificial intelligence, 3D printing, commercial space, and robotics to name a few. He also speaks to the empowerment of small groups and startups who are growing exponentially and are increasingly able to make the kind of impact that previously only large organizations have been able to accomplish. A hugely successful business and innovation speaker, Peter sees hope and promise in the future and offers insights on how to be at the forefront of this exponential growth.

Kim Malone Scott CEO and Co-Founder of Radical Candor, Inc. which builds software tools for managers. Her upcoming book, Radical Candor, to be released next year, focuses on how to give and receive valuable feedback that will both keep the team happy and the margins high. Kim is an excellent Communications and Human Resources speaker. Her keynote addresses are both informative, inspirational, and entertaining, as she uses anecdotal and relatable stories to explain concepts in straightforward terms. For more information about these and other keynote speakers please visit BigSpeak. To book a speaker for your next event call (805) 965-1400 or send us an email at

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For more information about these and other keynote speakers please visit BigSpeak. To book a speaker for your next event call (805) 965-1400 or send us an email at

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