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888-846-6939-Quicken Home & Business Tips: How to Create or Edit Estimate or Invoice

Author: Quicken Support
by Quicken Support
Posted: Jun 22, 2016

1. Quicken Home and Business 2016 Review

Quicken 2016 accounting software program is becoming very popular and growing at a fast rate in the competitive market. Quicken comes with different versions, like Quicken Home and Business, Starter, Deluxe and Premier. These different Quicken 2016 versions of accounting program help in managing your individual bills in one location. Among these versions, you can easily enjoy the features of Quicken 2016 Home and Business by taking Quicken 2016 customer support services. Moreover, you can get a Quicken technical support from an Intuit-certified Quicken technician.

Quicken Home & Business 2016 includes:

  • It helps in categorizing your personal spending and your business expenses.
  • You can see business profit and loss snapshots.
  • Saves you cash by discovering tax-deductible business expenses.
  • You can link your bills and Quicken will mechanically track the amount date and due date.

Quicken Home and Business is an improved version of Quicken. Home & Business adds restricted accounting functions, including accounts payable and receivable tracking. On the other hand, Quicken has an ability to create invoices and track business expenses efficiently. You can use Quicken Home and Business for credit cards, tracking loans, checking accounts and all related personal investments. Quicken Home and Business is a mix of small-business and personal accounting functions to help you in managing your account receivables and tracking your individual and business expenses. In case you want technical support to manage your business and personal finances in one place, you need to take Quicken 2016 technical support services from a right resource: a third party technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas. Read more at

2. Quicken Home & Business Tips: How to Create an Invoice?

Quicken accounting software program permits you to create an invoice and print the document, or email the invoice to a client. For getting proper Quicken tech guidance in creating an invoice for Home & Business, you need to take the assistance of Intuit-certified tech experts. To get tips on invoice creation, visit Quicken support web page to get trained technicians on Quicken. With the help of experts, you can easily get an assistance to manage your invoice in Quicken Home & Business (accounting software program).

Let’s follow the steps for creating an Invoice in Quicken Home & Business:

  • First, choose Business menu> Invoices and Estimates> Create Invoice.
  • Now, in the Customer field, you need to enter the name of the person or company or choose the name from the list.
  • You need to enter the project/job name or choose the name from the list.
  • Choose a layout from the list. Quicken will display the layout which you previously used.
  • Enter the bill to address and name.
  • In case your form displays the Ship To field, you need to enter the ship to name and address
  • Quicken will display today's date, but Quicken users can change it using the pop-up calendar or by typing over it in an easy manner.
  • If your form display the Due Date field, then you need to enter the expected date of payment.


3. How to Create or Edit Quicken Estimate or Invoice?

You can easily create an estimate to list items which you wish to provide to a customer. When you enter or print Quicken estimate, there will be no alteration in your income because there is no assurance that you will complete the transaction successfully. When a client takes your estimate, you can then make essential modifications to it and can convert it to an invoice in a convenient manner. When a customer will accept your estimate, you can effortlessly make modifications to it and then convert it to an invoice.

In order to get a comprehensive idea of creating or editing Quicken Invoice or Estimate, you need to learn how to create or edit Quicken estimate or invoice; visit Quicken help web page to get trained technicians on Quicken. Intuit-certified experts are quite skilled in helping you for giving a proper technical guidance for Quicken estimate or invoice. With right tech assistance, you can learn the process of how to create or edit Quicken Estimate or Invoice. Read more at

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