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Features that you need to keep in mind for making an animation video

Author: Vikram Kumar
by Vikram Kumar
Posted: Jun 25, 2016

Cartoons are small drawings or animations created which can convey certain messages about different types of ideas and beliefs that the cartoonist holds about people, specific institutions or events. While they are generally funny, not all cartoons are humorous. In fact, cartoons can be light-hearted, reflective, mocking, sympathetic or even metaphorical. Every cartoons have a number of features from the language of the cartoon or the visuals used by the cartoon that all come together to create the final impression and communicate your message. This can include features like the use of symbols, caricatures, certain stereotypes or even the use of colors.


Symbol refers to any object that appears in a cartoon animation video. This may include but is not limited to signs, animals or logos that can be used to metaphorically point to certain ideas and feelings. For example, a rose may be used to express the emotion of love. These objects are used to convey certain ideas about a person, a place or even the atmosphere or the general mood in the area where the cartoon video is situated.

These symbols can be a great way to symbolize certain details that would otherwise take too much space to explain and also can help you to get your readers thinking about your possible meanings that can be derived from the cartoon, and therefore keep it relevant for longer, kind of like art.


One of the things that you can readily experiment with is color associations. Different colors are generally signifiers of different types of emotional states as well as can be very effective in describing the mood of the cartoon in general. For grim cartoons or animation video, cartoonists often use shades of brown, black or grey as these signify the bleakness of the situation. Using bubbly colors can also be an indication of a happy mood and one of the best examples that can be given here is that of the cartoon animation movie, Inside Out, where all the characters playing the role of emotions are colored appropriately with Joy being yellow, Sadness being blue, Fear being purple, Anger being red and disgust being green in color.


Caricaturizing refers to any representation of a character in your video where anyone distinct physical characteristic is knowingly exaggerated and blown out of proportions or over-emphasized. These are generally humorous and are used satirically to make fun of a person or to symbolize a stereotype about a group of people, which has been talked about in the next feature.


Stereotypes is one of the stock comic devices that have been used for years to express any type of superficial judgment of a group of people on the basis on some small or incomplete information. While stereotyping is used extensively in comedy, this gives a very limited and overtly simplistic view of human beings, which is not really desirable. Cartoons generally use stereotypes to make characters easily identifiable. However, when you are creating a cartoon, you should be quite wary of using general stereotypes in this day and age where, due to social media, it can get very difficult for you to gain visibility if you are using negative and superficial stereotyping. Moreover, it is not a very original or a respectable form of art to use stereotypes and therefore, you must avoid it as much as you possibly can.

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These are some of the features that you would need to keep in mind if you are making any type of Video and especially when you are making a Cartoon animation video to attract viewers’ attention.

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