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Stress: How to Manage Anxiety at your workplace?

Author: Toshiab123 Toshiab123
by Toshiab123 Toshiab123
Posted: Jun 25, 2016

The ability to manage stress in a powerful way is very important to have a well balanced life. The following techniques will help you to relief stress.

Stress, the body's reaction towards nerve-racking situations, is a point out of mental suspense that can have negative affects on our lives and on our health. Stress helps you to reduce the negative side-effects of stress and enables you to handle stressful situations calmer than before.

In short: it helps one to improve your capability to cope with stress and also to avoid stress related conditions, such as serious headaches, heart diseases and depression. Another good thing about stress management techniques is that it will help you to avoid careless faults, which would cost you a lot of time in order to piece out these mistakes.

Various employees consider stress asertivita an essential part at their workplace that helps them to meet deadlines and increases their production. However, when stress becomes chronic it is important to adopt counter-measures.

Time management is an essential skill when it comes to the ability to reduce stress. Actually: improper time management can be one of the key reasons that cause stress, as we might not be able to meet deadlines and can't accomplish the targeted tasks and goals. In our corporate world we are facing workload and time limitations almost every day, which makes it essential to apply effective time management techniques.

Physical activity and regular exercise can assist you to relief stress in a powerful way. Sport generally speaking boosts the productions of endorphins and reduces stress hormones. You do not necessarily need to join a fitness center or start running every morning; you can also make full use of the stress reducing a result of physical activity at the work environment.

Usually of thumb: keep your body moving! Rather of taking the escalator you could walk up the staircases, take a stroll during your lunchtime break or maybe stretch the body in a regular period, which sitting on your office chair.

Start putting first your tasks from A - required for C - unimportant and set up your tasks accordingly to their importance and immediacy. If a task is very important and immediate you should focus your time and energy towards the accomplishment with this process, rather than a process that is important but not urgent at all. I would recommend you to invest five minutes before starting to work where you create a to-do-list with your forthcoming tasks and the prioritization.

When we seek for reasons that cause stress we mostly concentrate on our work place that we often consider as the key source for stress. Nevertheless, it can be very useful to reflect our lifestyle we are living and look for possible causes that increase our stress level, electronic. g. sleep deprivation, drugs and our food patterns.

One such a cause could be an poor nutrition, with too much sugar, fat and caffeine. Caffeine is a part of almost anyone's lunch break, but also, it is an activator that raises our level of activity and can make us very anxious, which is the inspiration for stress.

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Arlene Amaler-Raviv is a South African Fine Artist living in Cape Town.

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