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6 Tips to Improve Quran Recitation

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Jun 27, 2016

Quran E Paak is a holy book which is revealed to the last prophet of Almighty Allah; it is considered as the last book that comes in Islam after Torah, Injeel and Zabur. Quran E Hakeem is the greatest blessing of Allah almighty that guides people towards the way of Islam with the act of worship. It is believed that one should recite Quran daily to earn thousands of blessings as a reward. This book is in Arabic language and people who live in Arabs recite it in the best way. Many people who don’t live in Arab usually confront problem in reciting Quran in a fluent way.

Below are 6 effective tips that can help you in improving the Quran recitation:

1. Tajweed Rules

To improve the Quran recitation, the foremost thing that one should learn is the tajweed rules. The beauty of reciting Quran is hidden in the Tajweed rules, start learning them and practice. You can learn them with experts or can take Quran class from online courses.

2. Short Surah's are best for beginning

To learn Quran reading properly, start with the short surahs. 30th chapter of Quran can be used for the beginners for making the reciter fluent in Quran reading. One will find easy surahs in 30th chapter in which all the tajweed rules are included. Once you get fluent in reciting them, start with the long surahs and starting chapters of the holy Quran. One can also go for Quran with Urdu translation mp3 free download from online websites.

3. Practice makes a man perfect

Quran reading is an art in itself; an expert can give you some tricks and tips for best Quran recitation. The art of reciting Quran is in reading the entire Surah in one breath. As Quran recitation is not just reading the words, one should spend time in learning the accent of words along with alphabetical rules.

4. Breakpoints

There are some breakpoints in Quran recitation that are taught with alphabetical rules. Use these break points as bonus and fill maximum air in your lungs to complete the rest part of recitation. Quran sharif mp3 free download is also a good option for those who want to learn quickly in less time.

5. Quality

Maintain quality while learning, reciting two ayahs perfectly is better than just reading two pages with poor skills like stammering, lack of understanding and stuttering.

6. Go for online websites

To polish your skills Quran sharif mp3 free download is a great option. People who want to understand Quran can go for Quran with Urdu translation mp3 free download.

Abdul Karim Parekh brings the best holy Quran translation in mp3 format. You can easily download the files recited by Imam-E-Haram and Hafiz Ansari with Urdu language. Understand each verse explained by Maulana Abdul Kareem Parekh who is Padma Bhushan receiver. Download them and improve your recitation skills.

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Author: Armaan Malik

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