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The Reason Why I Root My Android

Author: King Root
by King Root
Posted: Jun 30, 2016

I bought the advertising hook, line and sinker. I kept hearing about how fast, easy to use, and excellent the Android operating system was so I went for it. I purchased a new Droid and was disappointed at first. The speed wasn't there, there was a lot of slowdown when trying to surf the net, and the service just seemed to be ordinary. There wasn't anything impressive about the system and even though it has some impressive components, it's not nearly as good as my older IPhone. That was my impression at first, and I didn't think things would improve. Stuck with a 2-year contract and no way to end it early, I just figured that was it for my little piece of technology. The Kingroot has changed my life because I no longer have a lackluster device; it's now a super computer in the palm of my hands. It all started with becoming a member and rooting the phone. The first thing that I noticed upon going through the root my android process was that the start up was improved. Instead of taking close to a couple of minutes to start over, it was lightning fast, and only took a few seconds. I was impressed from the start, but after the initial start up, skepticism swept in and I was just waiting for something to go awry, only nothing did. It was with that in mind that I decided to map out some of the cool points and features that I saw moving forward. They are as follows:

  • SD Card Control - Without changing things up before, I wasn't able to install programs on the SD card, which mean that my phone was clogged with useless apps and some of them came with the device so I couldn't get root access to boot them. It was frustrating to say the least, but that all changed. With the rooted option I was able to gain control and install apps directly to the expansion memory and that freed my device for listening to music, installing games, and mp 3 files.
  • Better Keyboarding - The keyboard that comes inside the system slowed me down. I dreaded sending texts because there was a slight delay, but not any more. I have been able to move with great dexterity, and the system keeps up just fine.
  • Better Performance Overall - The applications load faster, the games are really good looking and showcase no lag, and the screen and menus are far more fluid. Overall, I've seen some major improvements to the speed of the operating system. The battery also lasts longer, which is a major point of interest for some.

This is definitely the best option you'll have if you want to stay with Android. When you check out root my android and become a member you are going to open up the floodgates to independent programming, apps, games, and so much more that you would normally not get. If you just use the phone you receive out of the box, you will find that there are a lot of missing features, but when you get to rooting, you will unlock so much, you will never look back. You may never want to change your phone because it will become that much better. I know this is the best phone I've ever had, and all it took was to root Android to get it configured the right way.

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Author: King Root

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