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Men's Style - Watches for the Middle Class

Author: Carinae Eta
by Carinae Eta
Posted: Oct 15, 2018
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A wristwatch is a necessary accessory for a middle class man. Today we will look at the types of watches that middle class men wear, including American made Invicta watches, some of the best around. We will discuss men's watch brands. Some of the best in reputation are Swiss watches.

Middle class men are shop owners, business owners and are always busy, and of course want a quality watch for their use. The busy business owner is never going to be satisfied with a cheap dime store watch that they can't rely on, so some generic brand is not going to catch their eye.

One popular brand for western men is Alfred Hammel watches. Located in Manhattan, the Alfred Hammel corporation specializes in higher end, stylish watches that will adorn the wrist of any man but are preferred by businessmen for their style and grace. These are not cheap watches made overseas and packaged with impressive names. They are much better than that; and, they are based in the USA which is a bonus. Below in the image section is an Alfred Hammel Swiss gold watch that shows the style. This is no cheap watch, and is plated with 18 carat gold.

Another brand that is very popular with businessmen is a brand that the general public never hears about. It is called Patek Philippe. This is a higher end watch similar to Rolex watches but without the general name recognition that Rolex enjoys. The model below retails for $9500. This is a favorite; especially in Europe where a good manual watch is considered a necessity.

Nothing speaks to wealth and its expression like the venerable Rolex watch. This is one of the most highly counterfeited watches out there due to its high name recognition and its popularity. Stories abound of overseas countries with lax fraud laws where someone will be claiming to sell a Rolex, but it turns out to be a Timex or similar watch. The Rolex stands out as a symbol of wealth - and that's the bottom line.

Now so far we have looked at some of the higher end fashion watches. Perhaps not every wealth building, middle class man wants to spend that kind of money or has the money to spend. After all, there is always payroll to make and overhead and taxes to pay. Next we will look at some fashion watches that are a little less expensive but will still make a fashion statement in the business world.

One brand that won't bust your wallet but still is a very popular and fashionable watch is the Invicta American made watch. The Invicta watch below is not exactly cheap, retailing over $2000, but is a good fashion statement for a middle class man, is rugged and dependable. It is a favorite brand among businessmen - in particular the Invicta Venom and the Invicta Bolt Zeus. We have a good watch for the middle class without the high expense of something like a Rolex.

The Invicta Reserve Venom watch goes for $599 and is a good middle of the road watch that businessmen will love. Invicta features this large face, bold metallic appearance and large dial faces, along with the smaller dials within the face much of the time. They might be a working choice for busy shopkeepers who are constantly active and need a rugged but flashy Invicta watch for their business functions.

Citizen is another favorite brand of watches for the middle class. Similar to Invicta in price, Citizen watches have name brand recognition and a style and classiness of their own.

There are other brands that many have never heard of that we will mention here. One of those brands is Tissot. Once again the face is rather similar to Invicta but seems to be a little less cluttered than Invicta or Citizen. The smaller dials are still there however.

Other good watches are from Frederique, in the same class of the previous ones, along with Mougan and Piquard, Braun Prestige and Uniform Wares.

Business people who want to make a fashion statement will seek out fashionable watches for their use. We have gone from the higher end watches sold in Europe to the ubiquitous Rolex watches. We have also looked at less expensive, quality watches. These are the watches for the hard working men of the middle class.

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Carine is an avid watch connoisseur-type, and surfs around the Web providing her expertise. Occasionally, he writes for luxury watch websites such as this Invicta watches e-commerce store and others.

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