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3 Must-Have Features You Must Know About When Buying Air Conditioning Clutch Parts

Author: Parts Avatar
by Parts Avatar
Posted: Jul 04, 2016

Air conditioners are an essential part of modern automobiles. They maintain the ideal temperature inside the vehicle when the temperature outside is not favorable. It does not matter even it is harsh heat or freezing cold, modern automobile air conditioners ensure you stay relaxed and comfortable.

An AC compressor clutch is the major component in the car air conditioner systems. If the compressor clutch fails, the whole system stops functioning. In such situations, you would want to purchase a complete brand-new AC clutch kit and replace the entire clutch system. AC compressor clutch kit includes the coil, belt pulley, clutch, snap rings, and other hardware.

There can be many reasons why a clutch system may fail. The reasons can be internal or external. To diagnose the cause of the failure you can use some of the techniques described in your user manual or take your vehicle to a certified auto mechanic who can diagnose the fault and carry out the necessary repair and replacement.

There are usually two reasons behind the failure of the clutch system:

Internal Compressor Failure: When an AC compressor fails, metal fragments are ejected at explosive rates and contaminates the whole system. The damage it causes is often quite severe and irreparable. After such a failure, the entire compressor system needs to be replaced.

External Compressor Failure: External compressor failure involves problems in the power supply, clutch air gap clearance, the clutch itself, or the coil. Problems related to these components can be simple like a blown fuse or relay. You can find clutch air-gap or press fit clearance measurements in your car service manual. If the clearance is wrong, it may lead to slippage or burning of the clutch. Worn parts like the pulley, rotors, and belts can also cause problems.

The important thing is to find the correct parts for your vehicle. Most spares are manufactured according to the year and model of the vehicle. Depending On your requirement, you may need to buy the entire systems or just parts that need to be replaced.

While changing or buying the new clutch assemblies car owners should keep these three things in mind:

Integrated Compressor Units: In this type of clutch assembly, the whole unit is integrated into one system. If there is a problem in any part of the unit, the whole system needs to be changed. The advantage of this system is that the possibilities of future problems are eliminated as the entire system is replaced. The disadvantage is that even a minor problem may need expensive replacement costs.

Compressor Clutch Assemblies: In this type of system, the clutch is separate from the compressor. You can replace the compressor, the clutch assembly or both as required. Manufacturers also sell parts for the assembly individually and it is possible to purchase such parts at lower cost.

New or Refurbished parts: This can be a point of confusion in the minds of car owners. The decision to buy the parts from an original equipment manufacturer, aftermarket parts maker, or opt for refurbished parts. Original parts are costly but reliable and refurbished parts are cheap but not always reliable. However, there are some well- established refurbished parts dealers who examine and test the spares to ensure reliability. Simply put, the choice between new and refurbished parts is a question of balancing budget and quality.

About the Author: was conceived and founded by Dr. S. Singh in 2012. Parts Avatar Inc. has been a successful online supplier of auto parts across Canada since 2015. Parts Avatar currently has warehouses spread all across Canada and excel at providing high quality components at highly competitive prices and superfast shipping. The company aims to become the largest retail supplier of automotive parts and accessories in Canada by 2020. Besides supplying parts, the company is also keen on creating innovative niche markets within auto parts, supply chain and repairs industries.

About the Author was conceived and founded by Dr. S. Singh in 2012. Parts Avatar Inc. has been a successful online supplier of auto parts across Canada since 2015.

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