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Author: Power Your Life Network
by Power Your Life Network
Posted: Jul 04, 2016

To thrive in your business, whether it’s product or service-driven, doesn’t rely on your technical skills or your sales knowledge alone. Even knowing the ins and outs of your company won’t propel you to success all by itself. Yes, they are important, and not enough.

There’s a missing component: A people element that cannot be ignored or underscored. Until you have robots handling your customers, patients and clients, you’re in the relationship business and relationships matter! Futuristically, even with robots attending to your customers, relationships rule.

People to People: Making a positive and a lasting impression on the people you do business with is critical to your business success. People want to know that you’re approachable, knowledgeable and eager to do business with them. They want to feel special and valued. It’s your job to attend to them respectfully and demonstrate their value to you, without getting soppy or overdoing it.

Don’t exaggerate your abilities and achievements, that won’t get you the sale or the partner you crave. Instead, represent yourself honestly. Demonstrate that you’re the best man or woman for the job or the right one for that special relationship.

Communication Reigns Supreme: Nowadays there are so many forms of communication: texting, selfies, verbal or non-verbal. They all matter in conveying the right message, the one you intend, rather than the message that sadly is often conveyed or interpreted that can misrepresent you.

Communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, is essential to winning people over. Why can two people with the same expertise have different responses from their clients and get such different results? It’s in their words, actions, and body language when face to face.

Are you upbeat and smiling? Do you exude warmth and a favorable disposition with strong eye contact? Can you remember their name and retain some personal information about them? Is your handshake warm and firm? These signals tell other people that you’re approachable and interested in them which can elicit a favorable outcome. is very busy with multiple personal and professional tasks that seem to increase daily. As business owners and social communicators, we have to respect other people’s time. The last thing people want is to have to decipher the meaning of your message, your program, your price, the outcomes, etc.

Clarity is essential for communication to be effective. Obstacles to communication clarity include withholding information and complex messages that seem too obscure to be understood and can turn off a prospect immediately.??

Accountability:Sincerity, honesty and integrity are expected in business and personal relationships, and often not delivered. They can mean the difference between a sale and no sale. Or if lacking, can affect the longevity of the business or personal relationship.

Be forthright in your dealings with others. Do what you say you’ll do and mean it. If you told a client or a friend that you’ll call on a specific day or time, do it. Your actions speak more than your words, so walk the talk. Demonstrate that you’re a person of your word and follow through with what you’ve proposed.

Are Your Listening?Remember the 80/20 rule and apply it to your business and social contacts. Listen eighty percent of the time. Use the other twenty percent to respond to the needs and concerns of others. Ask questions at the right time. Listen to their answers before butting in with a question or statement. People want to know you care about their concerns. Demonstrate that you’re willing to give them the time and space to express them.

Be an active listener by tuning into feelings, key words, facts and implied statements to gain information about the other person. Explore the other person’s interests and encourage him or her to talk. It’s amazing but true, that people will leave a business meeting or social gathering with a positive impression of you if you give them ample time to talk about themselves.

Validate Others:We all want to know we’re valued and your customers and clients are no exception. They need to take away from a meeting, an exchange, a message that their feelings, views and opinions count. Remember to offer positive feedback, specific to what they’ve done or said. Be complementary but genuine. A complement given just for the sake of giving one isn’t real and won’t earn you the respect you want. It has to be genuine and reflect your true feeling.

To influence others you have to believe in you and also care about them. Find ways to use humor and optimism in your communications. Make any social or business interaction, warm, engaging, upbeat and sincere.

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Dr. Jo Anne White is the Host of Power Your Life TV & Radio. She is a gifted Keynote, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, who guides organizations, businesses and people to their own greatness.

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