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Will Magento have any free multi vendor marketplace extension?

Author: Cao Hồng Quang
by Cao Hồng Quang
Posted: Jul 05, 2016
cache handlers

We are the pioneer available on the market plugin and of almost more than 60+ addons on various systems including Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, Joomla, Cs-cart, Shopify and many more

Therefore the original question was is there any free market place modules exist for now? well for sure it can be you can just google it about and i am hoping you will see handful of them.But does indeed the free will do? Obviously NO!. Market means you will have tons of sellers and huge amount of traffic and at that time your marketplace should be ecological enough and how it'll be sustainable? by supporting various addon and encouraging al the cache handlers properly.You must consider scalability and performance as the principal de factos of industry expansion

Scalability and performance

Marketplace Means you have tons of vendors with lots of sku's and customers that means you will have great deal of traffic in your online store. Magento2 Multi Vendor marketplace component is coded together with "magento MVC and ORM system" and pursuing standard way of magento Request Programming. Marketplace Component is as scalable as your magento does indeed, that means you won't affect your existing store performance and can support your entire standard magento cache handlers. Which means there is absolutely no limit at vendor and product level any number of merchant and product can be added in the store.

Marketplace extension support all type of "cache handlers" including APC, Memcached, Redis etc.

Support all kind of rdbms including percona as well (which magento helps).

Module will support Mysql Replication (Expert Slave structures) where that means it will affect existing mysql replication of your store.

Reverse proxy backed including nginx, varnish.

Module is analyzed well with standard debugger tool including xdebug and monitored and memtop with munin.

Product collection indexer will work as standard magento indexer does work that means it will use standard search api's sphnix and solr as well.

Practices Magento standard two level cache paradigm by default.

Those are few factors related to performance optimisation of magebay multi seller marketplace module.

Multi route / Mobile Integration - This is another main factor to improve the sale creating a web front side is insufficient as mobile business is roaring

cellular devices accounted for 55% of Internet usage in america, surpassing PCs (45%) for the very first time ever sold - CNN

that means you must have a mobile market place iphone app for your multi seller shop Magento Market Mobile Application

Also using well working API integration with popular marketplaces like ebay multi vendor marketplace Ebay Connector also boost the sales and change for the marketplace vendors.

DropShipping for new Marketplaces -

If a software industry has been began by you during starting days it is very hard to control all the warehouse and inventory management. Dropshipping is a superb concept to manage this situation

Dropship Model allows product owner or store owner to begin their online shop without keeping the inventory which means online merchant won't need to deal with the warehouse or transport management. Dropship model is super good for the startups where they can not hold large amount of taking care of warehouses, shipping delivery and management. we can understand dropship in much better way by following example.

Example - let us say there's a shop "Online Cloth Store " which works in mainly b2c domains that means buyer will come in to the website and buyer can make the purchase so here OCS ( Online Cloth Store ) is a merchant or store owner. Second entity is supplier / producer / manufacture we shall call them as dealer in this example. Third entity is Buyer or customer.

So what would be the simple process of buying? buyer will come to the OCS and he / she can make an order now OCS will have the order and will process that. Simple process will be if OCS hold the inventory then simple OCS will dispatch the order using standard transport method but imagine if the OCS is getting 100 order everyday in a month 3000 order will take in a good amount of space for warehouse as well as delivery of these goods will be a big pain at the same time. SO is there any alternative way to manage that out?

Yes it is here now comes the dropship model, whenever buyer shall make an order after the successful order, notification will be received by distributor as well now company will dispatch the item on behalf of OCS to the customer appears easy right? Yes the complex part is to control the integration between distributor and OCS. A couple of multiple types of dropship i'd strongly suggest to read Matthew Carroll justification onto it

Even in current market dropship can be employed fully example lets say merchant A with product PA, and PA will be supplied by distributor warehouse SA This model also work. In order per these study you may find even market are also working based on based on combination dropship or totally dropship model, its totally hinge which marketplace you are working and what kind of goods you sell.

Adaptability with new Technology

Magebay multi supplier addons and current market are available from the unveiling of magento2 framework Software industry Addons

Also we share the knowledge to the grouped community as learn Magento2 Archives -

In order per my view if you are actually starting with industry you must choose the technology and tools very smartly

About the Author

We (Magebay.Com) are the pioneer available on the market plugin and of almost more than 60+ addons on various systems including Magento, Prestashop, Opencart, Joomla, Cs-cart, Shopify and many more

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    Magento is a very robust platform that supports many essential features such as order management, invoices, shipments, shipping methods, payment methods, and customer information management. Magento 2 incorporates very flexible inventory options for managing categories and products. In addition, it supports all product types such as simple, virtual, download, configurable, bundled, and grouped. Cloudways offering managed cloud hosting for magento.

Author: Cao Hồng Quang

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