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Are Lens Coatings Worth the Extra Cost

Author: Krishan Kazaria
by Krishan Kazaria
Posted: Jul 06, 2016

Whenever you purchase a product of value, there is typically an opportunity to buy accessories, extras, insurance or something that increases the total price. For eyewear this comes in the form of coatings and tints on the lenses. So the question is, is itreally worth it?

When you get your first pair of glasses the process can be fun and exciting because it is something new and unique that you can wear as an accessory. Eyewear changes the impression of your look and has now become a fashionable piece to wear even if you don’t technically need them. As with any other item that you put on and take off on a regular basis it eventually gets worn over time which is why having multiple pairs or ordering on a regular basis (annually or every other year) is good practice. This also ensures that prescriptions can be updated in a timely manner to help with eyesight as it changes for the individual.

The two main components in glasses are the frame and the two lenses with all the other details being incorporated into these items. Frames are selected based on user preference for color, shape and size and depending on theUK retailer you work with then you can buy prescription glasses in different designer names such as Police, Oakley, Ray Ban and others. First time wearers may feel more comfortable trying frames on in the local store so they can visually see what looks good but then they can go home and get on their computer to purchase the exact same thing or better at a reduced cost.

The lenses are where the real magic happens because for prescription wearers this is where the formula is put so that they can see near or far based on what the doctor annotates on the script. These can be thick and heavy, thin and lightweight and contain multiple prescriptions in various parts of the lens.

As part of the order process when you buy Police prescription glasses in the UK the client will select a frame and then identify the purpose of the lens (reading, fashion, etc.) so that the appropriate information can be identified by the retailer. Choose the lens type that will be most comfortable on your face for long periods of time and then review the list of coatings offered by the manufactured. There are typically two: anti scratch and anti glare which are both useful in preserving the integrity of the lens for the length of time you will own the eyewear.

The anti-scratch is obviously designed to reduce scratch marks from simple tasks as any mark in the center of the eye area impedes vision and can be very annoying. The anti-glare is helpful for individuals who spend a lot of time in front of the computer and electronic devices as it softens the output from electronics towards your eyes. Deciding on whether to spend the extra money on these coatings is a personal decision but it is important to remember that a single pair of glasses will last for a good period when given the right protection. Also, check for online discounts where these might be

free or cheap during specials or sales which makes the decision that much easier to settle.

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