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Some Fascinating Facts About Astrology That We All Should Know

Author: Soham Madye
by Soham Madye
Posted: Jul 07, 2016

People with faith in "Astrology" as a way to help better their lives will often look online for astrologers in Thane or Mumbai.

However, with possibly hundreds of websites offering their services - and many "Online" astrologers; how does a person choose "The Best" astrologer?

In Thane, or other cities of India; Astrology is a business that many individuals are involved in - but finding 'The Right' Astrologer is itself a matter of "Luck"!

Here are some fascinating facts about Astrology that may help you understand professional services better -

Fact #1 - Astrology is an Ancient Science

We know that astrology is traditional in India, but did you know that the Science of astrology has been a part of human civilization from its earliest days? You may be looking for expert astrologers in Thane using Google today; but the science and methods of astrology include beliefs and practices of a "Global Belief" - and much of it actually follows similar concepts!

Fact #2 - "Indian" Astrology is NOT Absolute

When looking for help from even the best astrologer in Thane; it is important to know that Astrology has nothing to do with your Caste or Religion. Whether you're born in India, or Africa - the science and mathematics behind astrology will remain constant for each individual!

Fact #3 - Gemology is a Science; Not Just "Lucky Charms"

If you're wearing a diamond ring or ruby pendant for jewellery purposes, the matter is entirely personal ornamentation. However, when professional astrologers (in Thane or elsewhere) "Prescribe" gemstones, they are for entirely "Functional" purposes. Also, the make and design of such a ring or amulet is distinct from jewellery - and is a key science of astrology!

Fact #4 - Gemstones are Only a Part of Astrology

When you consult the best astrologer in Thane (or anywhere else) - you will note that they bring up the matter of using gemstones entirely as a "Personal Choice". The idea behind astrology is "Calculation"; and Gemstones are similar to medicines that a doctor prescribes - never MANDATORY for your well being! There are always alternatives that a professional astrologer will try before prescribing the use of any gemstones or amulets that are expensive!

Fact #5 - Personal Faith is Vital for Successful Astrology

One of the most important aspects of Astrology that people tend to forget is that your individual 'Faith' and 'Belief' in the science is much more important than finding the best astrologer in Thane (or anywhere else in India). While Astrology is a profession that many practice, and an entire subject of scientific study - you should first have confidence of HOW professional consultancy will affect your life!

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