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League Of Legend ELO Boosters – Boost the Gaming Rank

Author: Kevin John Kevin John
by Kevin John Kevin John
Posted: Jul 08, 2016

Craze For Video Games – Match Making Ratings

With the development of technology, gaming accessories and animated gaming software have increased the craze for video games. Nowadays, it has become the gaming companion not only for children, but also for many people who are just crazy about scoring and developing their skill at video games. MMR also known as match making rating is a value that can determine the skill level of an individual and is also used for match making. MMR of a player can be increased by winning the game and losing decreases it and Ranked Boost specializes in increasing this rating for all games.

Boost The MMR – Be At The Top

Players with the top match making ratings are enlisted on the gaming leaderboards of the world. It is a dream of all gamers to be at the top of the list and some wants it crazily. Their dream can be easily achieved by boosting the MMR. By MMR boosting, a player can log into the account of another player for the purpose of boosting his own MMR. But this MMR boosting can cause negative impact on the gaming community as it is unfair, creates unbalanced games and may lead to compromise one’s account.

Requirement of Tier List

In video gaming, there is a Tier List to rank all the characters depending on their fighting abilities and the potential of winning the matches by considering equality of skills on the part of every player. Tier lists are generally built for fighting games which are played on high competitive level.

Tier List - Characteristics

Games ranked by League of Legends used ELO rating system to calculate the skill levels of the gamers relative to each other. It was used by MMR to find players with similar skills to compete with. This League system uses tiers and divisions to distinguish the skill levels of each player. Each League of Legends Tier List contains 5 divisions each of which is numbered in descending order from 5 to 1 using roman numerals where 1 is the highest and 5 is the lowest division.

The highest tier in the LoL Tier List is the Challenge Tier which consists of the most competitive and skilled League of Legends players. For its competitive nature, no LP inactivity decay is present in this tier but as soon as one gain the LP to move one spot up, someone will get him pushed down. ELO boosters help a pro player to play on any other account until the desired position of the other player is reached.

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Author: Kevin John Kevin John

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