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Understanding the Essential Need for Minerals in Water

Author: Hampry Gomes
by Hampry Gomes
Posted: Jul 11, 2016

By now, most of the web-savvy generation knows about the goodness of mineral enhanced water. Water, known as the source of life, is acknowledged to have a number of minerals naturally. Water around the rocks and springs usually tend to have a higher concentration of these minerals along with a better pH level, making it alkaline. Research and studies have revealed that some of the minerals are amazingly advantageous to the body and offer a whole range of health benefits.

It’s pretty obvious that you won’t have access to natural spring water at all times, which is the precise reason why we have all sorts of known brands that sell alkaline water with added minerals. In this post, we will talk of some of the minerals and their importance in water in brief, before you can go ahead and choose a brand.

Calcium and Potassium:

Calcium in water is known to be amazing for the bones and muscles, apart from being beneficial to dental health. The lack of calcium can lead to a condition known as osteoporosis, which is about bone loss. On the other hand, Potassium is known to work with sodium present in the body and works for balancing the electrolytes and water, which has a big impact on cardiovascular health. Also, potassium can help in reviving muscle health, especially after heavy activities.


Most of the chemical reactions in the body are related to the metabolism rate, which can be regulated with Magnesium in water. Magnesium is essential for generating energy in the body and since it has an impact on the metabolism rate, it can benefit those who are dealing obesity. Magnesium also helps in absorption of many nutrients, digestion and relaxation of the muscles after activity.

Sodium and Fluoride:

Fluoride is known to have great benefits for dental and bone health, while sodium is considered to be the ultimate essential for balancing electrolytes. During the summers, our body loses a lot of water and sodium in form of sweating, and it is necessary to balance the same with more hydration. Presence of sodium in water can help in reducing cases of sudden blood pressure drops and fainting. Of course, the little sodium in water isn’t enough to give the required amount needed each day, but it does work wonders on the body in many ways.

Why Alkaline Water?

It is possible to have packaged drinking water with a higher pH and enhanced level of minerals. People who have switched their regular drinking water with 9.5pH Alkaline Water have claimed to have witnessed many benefits, including betterment in health and overall energy levels. There are also added advantages like enhanced hydration rate and relief from joint pains. The presence of varied minerals only ensures that the body gets the right boost of all essential nutrients. For the benefits one can get and the lack of side effects, it makes sense to replace tap water with advanced alkaline water.

Make sure that you do you research before going for any kind of major diet changes.

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