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Choose the Smart Environment with Heating Air Curtain

Author: Ryan Justin
by Ryan Justin
Posted: Jul 13, 2016
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In the scorching heat where can you find some relief? At any restaurant or café? Or rather you will prefer to stand outside. Most of the café’s these days are becoming smarter by installing Heating Air Curtain. People all over the place expect air conditioning to make their homes, offices and cars comfortable and in some cases make cities habitable generally. Do they? Ofcourse, they do but if you only use AC singularly, they are not going to work the way they are supposed to.

Most foods are chilled or frozen because it is not opened every minute and they are super chilled. Air conditioning was initially invented so that machines would operate efficiently, but it quickly became clear that it also improved human efficiency since the weather changing vastly. Heat waves can lead to health problems and cause increases in fatalities from heart, vascular and lung diseases. Air conditioning even saves lives.

What is Air curtain?

In a building where the door is opened and closed for people to pass through a lot of energy is used for unnecessary cooling when the cold air flows out. Heating Air Curtain is an invisible door which is efficient and created that keeps the air inside and prevents hot or moist air from the outside coming in. These are usually used in air conditioned buildings or cold storages. These air curtains provide the most efficient separation with the lowest possible energy consumption, regardless of whether you want to keep the heat or the cold at indoors.

How Does It Help The Environment?

  • Air conditioning consumes more energy than heating and demand for cooling, thus, AC is growing exponentially driven by a warmer environment.
  • It consumes the internal climate and increases the comfort of people by keeping the atmosphere clean.
  • Special features of this technology include fresh air control and oven humidity.
  • Also in the winter season, it can retain the warmth inside by preventing cold air influx.
  • In order to increase Heating Air Curtain with an electric heater, they provide a stream of hot air.
  • It prevents the foul smelling and harmful things entering the building or structure and controls dust and smell.
  • It is great for the prevention of over spray from paint booths drifting into other areas.

With the growing technology and some of the most amazing designs, Air Curtain is an easy way to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning. New technology is eliminating the need for air conditioning which is a great thing as AC is not good for natural body or for nature for that matter.

Heating Air Curtain is great for beating the increasing energy consumption going. It can help you in the cooling process better and therefore, reduce the demand for cooling based designing improved buildings. It lies in increasing the efficiency of the cooling process and in ensuring that the energy used is as clean as possible.

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Author: Ryan Justin

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