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What Difference Does A Preschool Make?

Author: Petite School House
by Petite School House
Posted: Jul 13, 2016

While there is a constant debate about the requirements of preschools, parents have to understand that a Granada Hills preschool is not at all about the studies - it's about learning playfully. Early childhood period between the ages of three to five is actually the developmental period of a child and all learning in this period should be focused on their physical and mental development. The problem with the education system in recent decades is that it focuses only on the mental development, de-emphasizing the physical education. However, the two should go hand in hand and should not be considered as separate entities.

But how can a Granada Hills preschool help in this? A preschool has to develop your child in the following ways:

  • Preschools for health and physical development: It has been seen that children who attend preschools do better in terms of Physical health. Preschools impart basic life teaching to your kids too which stick with them for life, like lessons to wash your hands and pray before eating, to eat properly, to thank or apologize etc.
  • Preschools help develop Motor skills: Young children are allowed to play and explore their environment, the challenge themselves in new ways. Preschools provide them with an opportunity to run, climb, and play active games. These activities help in improving physical coordination. Other fine motor activities such as threading beads and cutting paper with scissors help to build their eye - hand coordination and balance.
  • Preschools nurture a child’s curiosity: when your tiny kid is in a preschool, a correct answer is not the goal – instead the primary focus is to nurture their curiosity and motivate them to learn. For this, teachers use children's interest to create activities. For example, a simple event, say the discovery of a snail by children in the play area can turn into an exciting opportunity to learn for your kid.
  • Playschools encourage your child’s creativity: Playschool age children learn through make, believe and play. Kids of this age have an active imagination and teachers at the play school know this. But they also know the thin line between fantasy and reality at this age. Therefore they help kids use their imaginations to fuel learning. Kids are encouraged to do role play activists, like to act as a shopkeeper and customer, or to run a pet store, and much more. This way their social and cognitive skills improve.
  • Playschools develop language skills: Preschools often provide children with a language rich environment. It has been found that between the ages of 3 to 5, a child's vocabulary grows from 900 to 2500 words, and their sentences become more complex and longer. Thereby teachers help children to stretch their language skills by asking thought provoking questions and introducing new vocabulary during various activities. In play schools, children are encouraged to speak more by participating in discussions, telling about their favourite cartoon characters, stories, and singing their favorite songs.

Additionally, children in Northridge preschools develop warm relationships with others, they learn to trust, make friends, and get blended outside their comfort zone. This way they do better academically and socially throughout the school years and after that too. For more information on Preschools in Northridge, visit

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Marge Thatcher is an expert when it comes to early education and care for children. She also likes extremely interesting articles and blogs to help parents make all the right decisions during these critical stages in the life of their children. She recommends as one of the best preschools in Northridge, California.

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Petite School House is a leading Northridge child care center that offers age-appropriate preschool for toddlers and young children.

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