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Some Useful Tips on Selecting the Best Hedge Trimmers in Berwick

Author: Berwick Stihlshop
by Berwick Stihlshop
Posted: Jul 13, 2016

Had it ever occurred in your mind about the key factors you should take into account while purchasing a portable hedge trimmer for manicuring your hedges and undergrowth? With numerous hedge trimmer models available in the market in Berwick, your final selection will be a subject of compromise and opting for the wrong one can turn out be dear. If you searching for the sturdiest machine in Berwick, then at the same time you will have to acknowledge that it will be heavy and noisy. If you want a light machine that can be comfortably and easily moved in any direction you want, then it will have reduced cutting power. Given below are some salient features that need to be considered before embarking on your final selection:

  1. Cost: How much are you willing to shell out? Price of hedge trimmers in Berwick can vary widely, from around £35 for one of the lower end electric models to more than £400 for a high end industrial petrol model.
  2. Frequency of use: If you possess a small to medium-sized garden, then you are less likely to use your hedge trimmer frequently and probably a few times in a year, in which case going in for a cheaper electric-powered model would be prudent. It is quite obvious that there is hardly any point in spending much on an item that is used occasionally, especially when there is scope of selecting out of loads of quality machines offered for a moderate price. On the other hand, if you possess a large garden with plenty of tall hedges that need regular upkeeping, a more powerful machine will save you time ultimately and it is here where the frequency of use will be higher.
  3. Size of your garden: For a small to average size garden, an electric-powered model will be more than sufficient. If you possess an extensive garden, with the hedges a long distance from an electric socket, then a cordless or petrol-powered hedge trimmer will be more suitable.
  4. Noise exposure level: The noise produced by this gardening tool during operation is a matter of concern that will have an impact on not only you but also on your neighbors as well. In general, the petroleum or gasoline-powered ones produce more noise than the cordless or electric models and it is recommended to wear ear defenders if you are using one for a longer period just like ride on mowers Berwick.
  5. Weight: It would be wise to select the lightest trimmer for tackling overgrown hedges to avoid any unwanted strain on your arms as well as shoulders, especially when you are venturing to cut it at shoulder height or above. But for larger jobs, then a heavy-weight trimmer is advisable.
  6. Vibration damping: Is the unit equipped with anti-vibration device? If yes, it will render your unit more comfortable and effortless to use. Just like- loud noise, excessive vibrations too can be exhausting.
  7. Branches of several sizes: Be conscientious about the sizes of the branches that are you going to be pruning. The most powerful petrol or gasoline-powered hedge trimmers can prune away branches up to 28 millimeter in diameter whereas in case of electric hedge trimmers Berwick, branches with diameter ranging between 16 to 20 millimeters can be cut off, based on the model.

Selecting the right hedge trimmer is indeed a challenging task. However, if you require cutting hedges larger than that, then something other than hedge trimmers in Berwick would be better. Always bear in mind that hedge trimmers are not chainsaws or pressure cleaners Berwick and its sharp blades are meant to cut through thin branches and twigs.

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In his article, Guy Lacombe has provided an insight into each of the types and popular models of hedge trimmers Berwick to help his readers select the most suitable one before buying just like they did for pressure cleaners Berwick.

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Albert Shelton is a popular florists and professional writer. He want to make people aware about the best possible way to buy hedge trimmers Berwick.

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