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The Most Affordable Way to Avoid Roof Replacement

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Jul 14, 2016

There is no doubt that the roof of your house is an important part of your house and especially because it gives your family and belongings cover and protection from the elements. Today there are all types of roofing materials that have some of the best features that include energy efficiency, heat resistance as well as those that have a high degree of fire resistance. There are roofing materials that have coatings that allow them to resist the UV rays from the sun and they will therefore maintain their color for a long time. With all these good features it becomes very easy for homeowners to forget simple roof maintenance practices and in the process some of them end up invalidating the warranties offered by manufacturers.

If you are going to have a functional roof that will live its entire lifespan, you will need to become proactive in your roof maintenance; there are simple procedures such as pressure roof cleaning that are overlooked by many but whose results will go a long way in maintaining the integrity of your roof. An occasional roof wash will ensure that you get to remove any amount of accumulated debris, bird droppings, dead insects, moss and algae that are usually the main cause damage and destruction on any kind of roof.

If you or your next door neighbors have trees that have overhanging branches that are very close to the roof of your home, they will negatively impact the roof and damage it in several ways. Those branches will scratch the surface of the roofing material and remove the granules or any other protective layers and once in a while they could even dislodge the slate or tiles. When fallen leaves accumulate on the surface of the roof they finally collect and jam the gutters. When rainwater is unable to flow and drain safely from the roof, it ends up damaging the roofing material. You need to have all such braches trimmed to prevent accumulation of leaves as a primary part of the roof cleaning procedure.

When there is any amount of dirt and moisture on the roof it creates a perfect breeding ground for algae, moss and fungi on the surface that has the appearance of unsightly black streaks; if this is allowed to remain for a while it will not only degrade the physical appearance of your roof but will cause greater damage. The tar that is used to provide water proofing for most roofing materials is a good source of food for many airborne spores that will later develop into fungi. Moss, on the other hand, will cause untold damage on the roof of your house in many ways. Call in a no pressure roof cleaning expert to clear your roof and save you from premature roof replacement which is more expensive.

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