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KandyPens Gravity Vaporizer

Author: Joe Vapor
by Joe Vapor
Posted: Jul 14, 2016
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KandyPens company is the first to utilize and bring in quartz crystal atomizer technology as well as coilless ceramic dish atomizer technology, both which were highlighted alongside the Galaxy and Donuts polish pens created previously this season. As the atomizers of every are interchangeable between both units, the Donuts only included a ceramic dish atomizer and the Galaxy only included a quartz rod atomizer.

The KandyPens Gravity Improves after the look of both these atomizers and includes both options. The Dual Quartz Pole Atomizer on the Galaxy has been redesigned, and includes a quartz chamber as well now. The Coilless Ceramic Atomizer in addition has been improved and redesigned, eliminating the hole in the ceramic dish.

Both atomizers feature high quality titanium coils, raised air flow systems, as well as common 510 threading, permitting them to be interchanged between any 510 appropriate power supply including Donuts and Galaxy batteries.

So what's the difference between quartz crystal and ceramic atomizers and exactly how will it impact your concentrates classes?

You start with quartz crystal, these atomizers are designed from an inert materials which, unlike ceramic or fibrous wicks, melts away extremely clean and doesn't leave any kind of aftertaste. By merging titanium coils with quartz crystal rods, the style of your dabs with all the Gravity is incredibly natural and flavorful. Quartz atomizers are suitable for connoisseurs who wish to go through the true taste of these wax. Because this quartz atomizer utilizes dual rods and coils, wax Burns extremely quickly and successfully When compared to single coil atomizers. there are no wax pens that feature triple coil atomizers but personally I believe this is overkill as it burns through X way to fast before you even genuinely have an opportunity to enjoy it.

This quartz atomizer incorporated with the Gravity has been up to date to include a completely quartz chamber, reducing all non-quartz components and enabling the purest tasting dabs possible.

For those looking for more prolonged and everyday sessions, the new and increased coilless ceramic atomizer is where it's at. This atomizer doesn't have any revealed coils, wicks or wiring - employing a ceramic dish instead. This enables wax to burn very slowly with a lesser temperature in comparison with atomizers that utilize exposed coils. Despite the fact that ceramic is not really a inert materials, because polish is getting rid of at such less temperature, the style of polish is advanced gravity-ceramic-chamber The ceramic dish atomizer incorporated with the Gravity is nearly the same as that incorporated with the Donuts except that the ceramic dish in the bottom of the chamber is totally filled in without hole in the guts. I'm nearly sure what goal the whole offered in the last version of the atomizer (I'm speculating it is due to air flow), but I really do like the actual fact that it is not stuffed in as it inhibits polish from seeping beneath it and gunking up the region of the atomizer which struggles to be cleaned.

Also bettering after the temperature manipulated batteries found on the Galaxy and Donuts wax pens, the Gravity's electric battery lets you select from four different heat settings rather than just three. Pressing the energy button 3 x once driven on gives you to toggle between your Gravity's preset high temperature options of 300F, 350, 390 and 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

I love the actual fact that we're now viewing polish pens with temp control options, as not everyone loves to dab just as. Some social people prefer lower temperature dabbing for more everyday and prolonged sessions, while others would prefer to juice the temperatures up completely up for fast and effective lessons. Personally, I find higher temps to be suitable for wax vaporization, however the more options the better kandypens-gravity color The best benefit about the temp control power supply that the Gravity utilizes is the fact like all KandyPens batteries, it's protected under an industry-leading life span warranty. Which means that whatever happens, the Gravity's battery pack is covered and you will be changed by KandyPens without questions asked. A warrantee like this in the vaporizer industry is incredibly rare and much more unusual in the polish pen genre. The actual fact that KP protects the Gravity with an eternity warrantee shows how much they the stand by position their products, which is very reassuring to consumers.

Some individuals will compare the Gravity right to the new Dr. Dabber Aura pen, which features similar styling. However, for me, Dr. Dabber travelled a step too much when exchanging 510 threading with the magnetic interconnection technology utilized by the Aura. While I really do like the Aura, Personally i think like eliminating widespread 510 threading (while it could be a great feature) kind of restricts the buyer, as replacement parts must be made for that specific unit exclusively.

The atomizers incorporated with the Aura and Gravity are quite similar, but as I stated earlier, I'd supply the the benefit in this category to the Gravity for their cross-compatibility.

From a cost perspective, both these items are in the same ballpark and can appeal to numerous of the same consumers. However, do to the actual fact that the Gravity is protected under an eternity guarantee (instead of the Aura's twelve months warranty), the decision of the Gravity on the Aura is really clear for me personally.

If you're searching for a new polish pen, there's really no better choice than the new Gravity from KandyPens. For the same price because so many other polish pen vaporizers, the Gravity offers unequalled styling, advanced atomizer technology, a temp control electric battery and an industry-leading life span warranty. There is no other polish on the marketplace that can match the Gravity's flexibility, dependability and styling

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