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Plumbing Snake—What is It

Author: Lora Davis
by Lora Davis
Posted: Jul 19, 2016

This is a tool that some homeowners have and a tool that most plumbing services carry as part of their tool kit. It is made of metal that is wound into a spiral format, and is flexible. The body of the plumbing snake is normally very thin so it is possible that the body of the snake can be bent to fit into almost any type of drain. This tool is used to remove clogs from the pipes so the water can flow through the pipes easily. It is also referred to as a toilet jack or plumber’s snake. In most cases the plumbing snake entire body is made of sturdy metal that is thin but there are some manufactures that feature a crank or handle made of plastic that is durable. If it has a handle or crank this makes it possible to control the progress of the plumbing snake as it makes its way through the pipe to the clog. The handle or crank also makes it easier to dislodge the clog by snaring the clog so it can be pulled out of the pip or pushing it through the pipe to dislodge it.

A common application is that the coiled wire of the body of the plumbing snake is also able to imbed itself into the clog much in the same way that a corkscrew is worked into the cork. Once it has a firm grasp on the clog you can slowly turn the snake so it is backing out of the pipe until you have the clog extracted. If the plumbing snake has a handle or crank you would turn those. It may take more than one time to clear the pipe or drain completely but it depends on what material the clog is composed of and how big the clog is.

You can also use the plumbing snake body to punch holes in the clog. This will weaken the structure of the clog and as it starts to break up, the natural flow of water coming through the pipe will help to carry the smaller clog chunks out of the pie and into the septic tank or sewage system. Always make sure that you are cleaning the snake before you put it away until you need it next time. The plumbing snake is good to have around the house as it will often be able to remove a stubborn clog that will not dislodge by just using a plunger. It will also save you money on hiring plumbing services to get rid of the clog. You can find them in department and home improvement stores.

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