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Why to Have H2O2 Low temperature plasma sterilizer?

Author: Marketing Moonmed
by Marketing Moonmed
Posted: Jul 22, 2016

Have you ever need a good low temperature plasma sterilizer but unable to get the best as there are several but are not able to meet high quality levels. Well, there is no doubt in saying that a good low temperature plasma sterilizer is good for to have. Plasma Autoclave, what makes it so good

There are several features and advantages which make it a good option. I have listed some of them, just check it out.

There are several features and advantages that it can offer to you. Nowadays, in the market the plasma autoclave,by Moon Med technology is referred to be the best among all.

Low temperature: As discussed earlier, it is a low temperature Plasma Sterilizer with 50±5 C. It basically adopts dry sterilization that means no serious damage effect which directly extends the life of the instrument..

Completely safe.The basic products of this plasma autoclave, are oxygen and water which are completely safe for patients and staff as well. With this useful item, there is no need of drainage, the air exhausting. It contains an H2O2 filter if high efficiency at the exhausting outlet which offers a safe and pollution free environment.

Saves time and money: The rectangular chamber of the plasma sterilizer is having a high capacity, great efficiency and short sterilizing cycle that is of 50 minutes only. You can use the sterilized articles easily and that too without and further processing. It will help you in increasing the turnover of instruments that will directly save your time. Moreover, with the same it will reduce the storage of expensive instruments that also saves a lot of money.

Suitable: It is very easy to use, all you need to do is thatched it with a power supply. After that, the system accepts a control interface which is user friendly directly with with intelligent programming software. You can also equip it with the footswitch and a biological incubator.

Numerous Models: Cartridge-type H2O2 injection is useful that is a completely safe and simple.You can also customize the sterilizer as per your need.

Trustworthy sterilization. Under the same, the chamber accepts that accepts alloy material that carries a good thermal conductivity and can ensure a stable temperature. The purification system of Plasma Sterilizer

create the H2O2 diffuse uniformly.

Safe sealing door. The sterilizer accepts the mandril-driving auto overhead door with consistent sealing function and a locking device which is safe to ensure the safety.

Data management. The 2048M storage can be used to store the data for use in future. The mini printer will be able tie print data on time It ensures the data is completely acquirable.

Higher Configuration. The vacuum pump, controller, pressure transmitter and much more are trustworthy. The sterilizer can be prepared with numerous programs and bar code recognition system

Comforting. Plasma autoclave comes with a comprehensive training module that is optional and materials that are related to the key component preservation with an smart "reminding system" for your ease.

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