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Choosing the Right Dental Autoclave for Dental Clinics

Author: Marketing Moonmed
by Marketing Moonmed
Posted: Jul 27, 2016

Medical science has made great advancements with time. Different kinds of instruments and devices have been designed and created so that medical practices can work in a smooth and effective manner. One such device is the medical autoclave. It is a device, which is used for sterilizing all kinds of medical instruments and equipment in the best possible manner. Once the equipment are sterilized they are ready for further use without the fear of any kinds of further infections. All harmful bacteria, fungi, virus and other harmful microbes become inactive after being sterilized in the autoclave. A dental autoclave is commonly seen in a dental clinic as constant sterilization of equipment is needed in these clinics.

Functioning of the autoclave in dental clinic

As mentioned earlier, having an autoclave is imperative in a dental clinic and is law. This is because such equipment need constant sterilizing. Generally steam is used for sterilizing the equipment in a dental autoclave. Temperatures rise up to 270° Fahrenheit 134°C and the steam from this is used for disinfecting the instruments and the equipment. It has been proved that the process of steam sterilization is best and most effective for dental tools and equipment.

To make the process free from infections and completely safe from all aspects, the autoclaves lock while the process of sterilization is running. Once the instruments and equipment become sterile and dry, the autoclave open when there’s no pressure in the chamber. The instruments come out as completely safe and sterile ready to re-use. There are no risks of any kinds of any infections while using these instruments.

Along with the use of steam, there is the Hot air sterilizer that uses dry heat for sterilizing equipments and instruments. Dental instrument sterilizing is best done with the help of steam; though in some clinic dry heat hot air sterilizer is also preferred. In the dry heat disinfecting process, there is no moisture content whatsoever. So there is no extended process of drying the medical equipment post sterilizing.

Different kinds of autoclaves available

There are different kinds of autoclaves or medical sterilizers available in the market. Precisely they are Class S, Class B and Class N autoclaves. For sterilizing simple things, Class N autoclaves work well. Class B autoclaves offer high grades of sterilization with vacuum and are mainly present in large medical centers and hospitals. Class S is inclusive of all kinds of

autoclaves and it is used as an intermediate for Class N and Class B autoclaves. If you are looking for an autoclave, Class B would be the best choice without a doubt.

Buying an autoclave is quite an expensive matter. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the same from a trusted vendor like Moonmed who give an extensive product warranty.

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