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Learn to play the drums in various rhythm combinations

Author: Richardhill Drums
by Richardhill Drums
Posted: Jul 27, 2016

I took my drumming lessons Swansea, Neath and I believe I am fortunate enough to get this opportunity. Swansea is the place where I got to know about music and rhythm. Now what is rhythm? The most basic rhythm is that of heart. The heart beats in a very rhythmic fashion and you can count the beats. The whole universe rotates in a rhythm. When we walk, that also is in a rhythm. To start with, rhythm was started by beating the ground with the feet; afterwards it was with the clapping of the hands. Sometimes, people would beat a tree, stone or a hard surface with the hands or with a stick to produce a rhythm. Afterwards, leather skins were added to the hollow woods and this is how we got an endless variety of drums. How the counting of rhythms started, nobody knows about it but evidently it is beyond doubt that the first rhythm was of two beats. It is the most important rhythm of the world and even in tribal areas of India as well as of Africa and the whole world; they dance in two beats, of course without realizing it. Slowly in India, which was mathematically very advanced, a permutation of two beats started and so in due course we got 4, 8, 12 and 16 beats, each rhythm having variations of playing. With time, one more beat was added to the two beats and a basic rhythm of three beats was evolved. Slowly permutations and combinations yielded a rhythm of 5 beats, a combination of 2 beats and three beats. Also of 7 beats,a combination of 3 and 4 beats, with time, even 4 varieties of 7 beats were evolved.

Incidentally the earliest proof of drum playing is in an Egyptian temple where they show Goddess Hather, Goddess of Music, playing drums in a frame. Goddess Isis and Sekhmet were also known to play drums in a frame. There are also scores of ancient drums in South America and Africa.The Chinese, Vietnamese and Indonesian have also ancient bronze drums.Artefacts in India show a great variety of drums. Outside India, at Borobudur in Indonesia Buddhist Statues show musicians playing on drums. It is only in India where our ancestors have developed very complicated rhythms with mathematical precision from 2 beats to 16 beats onward. In most places of the world, they play mostly in 2 beats.

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Author: Richardhill Drums

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