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Are you distressed because of the negative reviews of your website? Read on to find a solution!

Author: Jessica Williams
by Jessica Williams
Posted: Jul 27, 2016
put down

If there is a negative review of you or your website on the internet and you wish to put it down, you just cannot ask Google or other search engines to put it down for you. Not only will it look as if they are being partial to you, it might also result in issues regarding freedom of speech on the internet. As a rule, these search engines would recommend you to speak to the owner of the website to appeal for the page to be put down or to indict the website which is not only challenging to do so but is actually not much worth it considering the time and money one has to expend. Whilst that said, a webmaster has another alternative up to their sleeves and can actually help them if ever they bump into such problem i.e. reputation management which helps to manage reviews online.

Online reputation management

Just like in real life, there are many firms who use marketing agencies to aid them fix the company's reputation particularly if it portrays the firm in a less than desirable and optimistic way. Fixing one's online reputation is the same though it would necessitate more work in terms of having to engage a reliable online reputation management or review management agency.

Bump it

Unless you file a lawful case against the webmaster, usually that negative review will stick like an aching thumb and can make you lose loads of prospects or clienteles. There are some ways though that you can use to diminish the influence of the negative reviews if you cannot confiscate it completely or the webmaster declines to take it down. One of which is to bump the destructive review down and down and down the search result page. Do pay attention that users would usually never run beyond the first page of any search outcome, not unless the top 10 outcomes have unsatisfactory information that they are eyeing for or are doing a comprehensive research.

Open up social accounts

If you ever bump into irrational partners whose demands are unrealistic or fuming clients and their negative reviews are on the topmost page, you can open up social accounts or profiles with high rankings such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or even craft a wiki page for your company not in Wikipedia but do try others as you get to control who adds to the page. Outranking your negative reviews can be done meritoriously and resourcefully with the help of page review removal facilities.

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