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Isobutane: The environment friendly refrigerant

Author: Asit Roy
by Asit Roy
Posted: Jul 29, 2016

Help save the planet, with environment friendly substitutes.

Isobutane is a colorless and odorless gas, with a chemical formula of C4H10. Now with the ever increasing efforts to save the planet from global warming, many people are choosing Isobutane as their choice of refrigerant, as it has minimal ozone depleting properties. Conventional refrigerants like CFC and HFC are contributing to an ever depleting ozone layer, which is one of the main causes of global warming. Global warming, if not checked, is said to melt most polar ice caps and submerge coastal areas before 2050. To help deal with this, Greenpeace put forward the use of isobutene in 1993, as a green alternative to CFC. When used as a refrigerant, Isobutane is often referred to simply as r600a.

The various applications of Isobutane r600a.

The uses of r600a vary from domestic, to commercial, to industrial refrigeration, and with a Ozone Depletion Potential of Zero, and Global Warming Potential, of just three it is the best choice for any kind of refrigeration. Many of our consumers also use Isobutane r600a as a green replacement for the propellant in aerosol and foam cans. KPL International, offers r600a gas in a wide range of packaging and sizes to suit every need. Safety is always taken into account, and since this is an inflammable refrigerant, only the most experienced staff deal in the packaging of this product. We have a 100% safety record, and all our products are inspected and then re inspected before reaching our consumers.

Applications in air conditioning, and vehicular air conditioning.

For years Freon gas, which is quite harmful to the ozone layer, has been used in car air conditioners around the world. How it works is the gas is contained within the coil of the condenser, and cools and dehumidifies the air flowing through it. With cars being one of the biggest polluters, and contributors the global warming, Isobutane r600a is now being used as the gas of choice for the air conditioning systems. Many manufacturers are switching to either r600a, or a combination of r600a and other gases, to reduce the carbon foot print created by the air conditioners of vehicles.

Going green, like the Germans.

Isobutane was originally used in the early 40s as a refrigerant, but due to lack of technological know-how, on how to handle the very flammable gas, did not become popular. Only in 1993 when global warming become a concern, and Greenpeace popularized its use along with a German company by the name of Foron, did the use of r600a as a refrigerant catch on. In fact in Germany, as much as ninety percent of the refrigerant gases used are r600a, that coming from a country that produces the best cars in the world like Audi and BMW, should say a lot.

The best dealer for Isobutane r600a in India.

At KPL International we have over two decades of experiences dealing with Isobutane r600a, with an ISO 9001 certification, and over 3500 satisfied customers we are the best choice for buying Isobutane r600a in India. Our parent company Kanoria Chemicals and Industries Ltd, have an ISO 9001 certification, along with ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. We have two chemical manufacturing plants in India, and are rated amongst the top 100 chemical importers in India by ICIS.

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Asit Roy – a M.Sc. (hons.) Economics from Bits, Pilani began his professional career as an Economic Analyst with a private sector company in 1986.

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