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Use Swing Analyzer Software to Improve Your Swing

Author: Rightview Pro
by Rightview Pro
Posted: Jul 29, 2016

Whether you are a professional or you play on the weekends for fun, swing analyzer software can give you an edge over your competition. Do you find that you’re hitting too many fouls or fly balls? The analyzer can help you pinpoint those tiny changes you might make f or better results. A software analyzer has an advantage of video and personal coaches. The computer has the ability to identify, track and continue to monitor those actions you take in just fractions of seconds. It can be very hard for even the most skilled coach to recognize those tiny changes.

A Couple of Analysis Software Options

There are a few options available in this type of software. You might choose video analysis software that you can implement at home or you might choose to invest in something more technical that might be more at home at a batting practice center. You’ll probably find that these programs are available in a wide range of prices, from surprisingly affordable to something that you’ll really have to consider before making an investment. Depending on the reason for the purchase, the benefits of having the technology might far outweigh the costs, especially if you’re serious about improving your swing.

How Sophisticated Should Your Software Be?

Naturally, the quality of the results you can expect from the swing analyzer software will be affected by the quality of the software itself. You might invest in a software program that gives you a very in depth analysis, combining the strong points of your computer and a video. This would involve a recording of your swing through a digital video or camera and then running that information through the software. This program might then pull specific information such as the speed of the tip of the bat, the path of the baseball and the precise description of the point of contact between bat and ball.

Detailed Analysis of Swings

You might choose software that offers details that go even further into the analysis of your swing. This more sophisticated video analysis software might connect the video of your batting swing directly to the software. The swing is then transcribed into a computer video that can be manipulated in any number of ways. You’ll gain valuable information about the biomechanics of the swing, an analysis of your stance, your hand positions, and overall posture and alignment. You might find that the main trouble with your swing doesn’t have anything to do with your actual swing, but has more to do with how you’re holding your head and shoulders.

Physical Reports and Printouts

Finally, swing analyzer software might provide you with physical printouts or reports. This information can then help you choose the specific batting drills you’ll want to use to counteract bad habits and develop good habits. The software gives you the direction that your practice time should take for the overall correction of errors. If you’re using software at home, you may want to take your records to a professional at the batting cages and arrange for lessons or drill advice.

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