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Men’s Fashion – Classic Accessories

Author: Carinae Eta
by Carinae Eta
Posted: Aug 05, 2016
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Men are certainly trying to keep pace with women when it comes to accessories and fashion. Unfortunately men’s accessories are as wide-ranging as women’s. Cufflinks, rings, chains, and wrist watches are most commonly used accessories among men. However, the really stylish men also wear earrings and bracelets. Fashion designers tend to overlook these things when it comes to men’s fashion. However, in the modern era men’s fashion accessories certainly make a style statement and add a dash of sophistication to casual and formal menswear.

There are just a few accessories that all men need: A simple belt – casual as well is formal – that goes well with your clothes and your style is mandatory. Generally speaking, men’s belts are made of leather and have a small buckle attached at the end. Sometimes, if it is a jeans belt it may have a flashy buckle at one end, and be a bit thicker than a belt intended for slacks.

A black belt is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, because it becomes easy to repair formal black shoes. Indeed; it is better for a man to find belts that can be reversed and worn both ways – this adds a bit of variety to your wardrobe. A combination of black and brown with a chrome belt buckle would be perfect for a man.

For formal men’s fashion, you should wear accessories such as cufflinks and matching tie. In the past, men had to stick to strictly formalwear while working; however, with changes in time modern casual wear has replaced formalwear at the place of employment. Despite this, things such as ties with allowed patterns must be avoided at all costs. A striped tie in navy blue are burgundy is preferable to one with allowed colors and should form an essential part of men’s fashion accessories.

Additionally, a chrome cufflink not only looks silly and elegant but also goes well with almost any time. Cufflinks and ovals, circular, square shapes looks the best. It’s an accessory that men should not ignore.

Bags and satchels can also be a part of men’s accessories. Today’s many designs for men’s bags come in stylish patterns. Messenger bags go along well both with casual and formalwear. If you’re traveling, feel free to carry a backpack. Some people say that the briefcases become outdated but you can still possess one if you’re confident. If you opt for the messenger bag, no one made from leather or nylon considered more versatile than the other options.

During winter, gloves and stars are an essential part of men’s accessories. Black leather gloves do not only provide one in comfort, but they also make the wearer look stylish. Stay away from brightly colored wooden gloves. Remember, you’re a man.

Wallets; of course, are indispensable to a man. If you want to make a style statement, then choose a plain black leather wallet. Take care to avoid the ones with large logos. This does not include a well-known, high-quality brand such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Wrist-watches such as Timex, Casio, or Invicta watches are good choices for adorning a man’s wrist. Keep the watch strap simple for elegance – do not go for flashy or weird. In fact, stainless steel watch bags are not only durable but they look good and make you look masculine. Of course a watch with a leather strap is probably best.

Men’s fashion accessories need to be versatile – because it needs to blend well with your choice of outfits, and the elements of your wardrobe accessories with classic colors and shapes to make it look interesting and varied. Of course, there are some men who choose not to wear accessories. If you’re a woman shopping for your man, find out what he preference before you buy something expensive. Visit us at The Gentleman's Swag to learn more tips on accessorizing - click here:

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