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Nursing Dissertation Help to Deal with Influential Factors Determining Students’ Marks

Author: Robert Hook
by Robert Hook
Posted: Feb 09, 2018
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Nursing students’ academic performance is determined by numerous external factors rather their personal traits and capabilities. Many studies have been conducted to identify the factors that influence the academic performance of nursing students. With the help of those recent researches, three main categories have been discovered. The knowledge of these factors can be used to enhance the quality of learning.

Here we explain three major factors affecting students’ performance,

Demographic Factors:

Researchers have discovered the relationship between gender and the academic achievement of students. With the help of the recent studies, it is discovered that girls in nursing discipline, show better performances in certain areas. Apart from ethnicity, geographical locations also have an influential affect on the performance of students. It is seen that students, who are pursuing their academic courses in major cities, achieve higher average score compared to the students, who study in outer regional areas and remote areas. The reason is, students in major cities, have access to well-qualified teachers and high level of resources, which might not be available in smaller cities. Factors like parental education, family income and parental occupation have positive correlations with students’ quality of achievement in nursing. Economically disadvantaged parents with low income cannot afford high expenses of education, that indirectly hinders students’ performance. Students, who want to academic excellence overcoming all demographic issues, can avail nursing dissertation help from professional dissertation writers.

Academic Factors:

A positive relation has been discovered between students’ learning performance and teaching style of the professor. Each individual has his or her own level of intellect and understanding. Single teaching might not benefit everyone at once. So teachers need to careful before choosing teaching strategies. Another factor considered to be influential in students’ performance is the various practices conducted by different colleges. Many nursing schools invite students as first come first serve basis, but renowned educational institutions believe selecting students based on their previous academic performance. Most of colleges and universities conduct test to judge students’ capability and eligibility to pursue an academic degree. Students, coming from different non-English speaking countries, tend to face several learning issues as their mother tongue is the language of instructions. It leaves a negative effect on their academic performance. Hence, numerous international students avail nursing assignment writing services to ease their academic burden and get accustomed with the new educational regulations. They pay for assignments and want their papers done by highly-qualified experts.

Personal/Behavioral Factors:

Students’ behavior under the pressure of assessment also decides the quality of performance in academics. Academic assignment writing is one of the popular ways to assess students’ learning. Hence, students search for quality nursing assignment help to manage academic pressure with ease. Students’ attendance also share a positive relationship with exam performance. Due to poorly delivered lectured or odd lecture hours, restrain students to attend lectures session. Moreover, work commitments also consumes students’ study hours leave them wandering how to balance their professional and personal life. But increased education expenses force students to take up part-time jobs and earn extra money. Hence, they struggle to meet academic requirements. But fortunately, there are numerous writing services providers that offer dissertation help with academic needs.

Determinants of students’ academic performance have been the subject among the educators all around the world. You might not turn everything in your favor but knowledge of affecting factors make you aware of the uncertainties that might arise in your educational life.

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