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NuSkope, an Australian Owned ISP You Need To Try

Author: Barry Kinson
by Barry Kinson
Posted: Aug 05, 2016
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The state of internet speeds in Australia has unfortunately declined. In 2013, Australia was ranked thirtieth in the world in terms of internet speed; three years later and Australia is now ranked sixtieth in the world, behind other developed countries like the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, etc. The internet situation is especially bad in major cities like Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, etc., because of poor internet infrastructure. The government’s solution to this issue is to start the NBN (national broadband network) which is dedicated to bringing fast; affordable internet speeds to Australians who can purchase NBN packages from their local Australia owned ISP. If you live in Adelaide, you know how abysmal the internet speeds can be, especially if you live in an apartment building where multiple people are all using the same infrastructure. With internet being an essential part of everyday life, slow internet speeds can be very frustrating. Thankfully, NuSkope, an Adelaide ISP, is bringing fast, affordable NBN internet packages to Adelaide.

NuSkope started as a project between two friends in the 90s to create a local internet connection to overcome the slow internet speeds in Adelaide, it has since expanded, and become arguably the best South Australian ISP. NuSkope specializes in providing wireless broadband plans, their website features the motto "The future’s not faster cables, it’s no cables," and they mean that. NuSkope is the premier wireless ISP in Adelaide (other companies are only starting to offer wireless packages similar to NuSkope’s).

There are many reasons why you should be trying this Adelaide ISP. First off, the wireless technology is great to use and is surprisingly consistent and fast. Another great feature about NuSkope’s wireless technology is the ease with which it can be installed. Because it is wireless, the contractor does not need to rout around your office space or home with running messy wires everywhere. Also, the lack of cables means you do not need to worry about getting roped into a phone package.

But great wireless technology is not all this South Australian owned ISP has to offer, NuSkope also offers great features with its internet packages: a lifetime warranty for the antenna, no peak/off-peak hours, a static IP with high quality encryption. To top it off, NuSkope offers quality, local customer service.

If you are disappointed with the quality of your internet, do not be afraid to give this Adelaide ISP a try.

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