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4 Outstanding Exhibition Stand Design Ideas for Events

Author: Armaan Malik
by Armaan Malik
Posted: Aug 06, 2016
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If you are hosting any event, you will need services and products from a number of professional vendors and service providers. Professional event managers in the Middle East would select from amongst only the best. This creates a relationship, and also makes sure that the event itself is never hampered due to management - no matter what the scale!

One of these key services include the work of exhibition stand builders. Istanbul, perhaps one of the most famous cities of the Middle East; has only a few reputed companies who design and provide services like that of an exhibition stand builder.

Istanbul (and across the Middle East), events are both extremely professional, and expensive to organize. Getting value for money is important for any organizer, but often it depends on WHAT your event requires, more than the expenses. Here are some unique ideas you may use -

(a) Reusing the Desert - If you look at the work of most professional exhibition stand builders (Istanbul or Elsewhere) - events in the Middle East reuse the desert as a theme A LOT. Make sure that the simple elements of the desert like sand and rocks can be better used as a part of your ambiance; and the stalls (if any) are also well blended into the background!

(b) Natural Materials - Usually, exhibitions are temporary, and the stall builders need to use plastics and cheap materials that can be made easily, and be discarded after the event. However, some of the more artistic events would use materials like bamboo and paper mache if their event allows such artistic freedom!

(c) Recycled Materials - Among the more popular trends for event managers (the World Over) today is the artistic and clever use of recycled materials in their stalls and temporary structures. While this may not always suit your event requirements; using recycled materials brings a unique charm to your venue!

(d) Arabian Nights - Since Turkey largely is associated with the stories of the Arabian Nights, this theme is popular for many events in Istanbul. However, while western ideas have influenced the Arabian Nights into a commercial concept - make sure you choose an artistic exhibition stand builder. Istanbul, and across Middle East only a handful of companies offer fresh ideas on this favorite traditional theme!

Looking for reliable exhibition stand builders? Istanbul, and across the Middle East, Enderuns Design is reputed as the most reliable vendor for all kinds of stalls and interior designing projects!

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Author: Armaan Malik

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