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Importance of a Floral Mandap in an Indian Wedding

Author: Sunita Sadhnani
by Sunita Sadhnani
Posted: Aug 11, 2016

Flowers might seem like something ordinary but when it comes to Indian weddings, flowers have a very important role and sentiment. Flowers have the capability of beautifying an entire set up and they are readily used as decors in Indian weddings. They are used in the form of garlands for some important Indian rituals and also in the center stage of Indian weddings, the floral mandap.

What is a Floral Mandap?

A floral mandap is the center stage of any traditional Indian wedding. It can be described as a sacred place where the bride and groom have the wedding rituals and exchange their weddings vows. The mandap is the place where the important and sacred wedding rituals are performed and it is decorated with a lot flowers and creative ideas to make sure it looks at its best.

Floral Mandap Décor

Most of the times, the wedding takes place at the bride’s home or vicinity, and the floral mandap is set up in an open area or courtyard. With the passage of time, the decoration ideas for mandaps have changed a lot and new things have been added to make it more colorful and vibrant to add energy to the wedding set up.

Today, the decorations for floral mandaps are available in various types of styles such as:

  • Triangular design
  • Canopy design
  • Mandap with a floral backdrop
  • Dome-shaped mandap

The mandap is usually decorated with drapes, ribbons, fabrics, colorful hangings, and of course flowers. The decorations that complement the other wedding arrangements are usually chosen. Since the mandap is a pivotal point of the entire wedding, a lot of effort is put into making it look at its best. Indian wedding planners consider various things before planning a design and come up with an innovative mandap decoration ideas.

Size of the Mandap

The size of the floral mandap is an important factor when planning its decorations. The major rituals of the Indian weddings are performed at this stage and therefore, it has to have the capacity of holding quite a few people and enough space for the groom and the bride to take the circles around a fire pit – a common Indian wedding ritual.

Strength of the Mandap

The stage is set up for the bride, the groom, the priest and the close family members and friends. It is important to make sure that this stage or mandap is strong enough to hold the desired number of people and the caterers or decorators must take this into consideration.


Making a proper arrangement of lights that go perfectly with the surrounding theme and decorations is also important. Lights are more important than one might think, as they contribute greatly to the overall appearance of the entire set up. It is also important to make sure that the lights are arranged in such a way that the mandap is in the spotlight and overshadows everything else.

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Author: Sunita Sadhnani

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