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Best Workout Using MMA Punch Bag

Author: Elina Jhon
by Elina Jhon
Posted: Mar 27, 2017
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This workout is designed to prepare your body for rugged five rounds of MMA fighting. It will also help you lose extra weight and build stamina. In just one month after following this hectic workout you will start seeing the results and after few months of training you will be fight ready and in best shape of your life.

Perform following 5 rounds of exercises for a month and see results for yourself.

Round No. 1

First round is all about warm-up, use any light exercise before letting your body go through hell in later rounds. You can do light jogging, or use a skipping rope for three minutes.


This is a four minute round, which will be divided in two halves. In the first half you will perform shadowboxing. For those who have never heard about shadow boxing, it consists of throwing punches, kicks, jabs, and uppercuts against an imaginary opponent. In the second half you will perform 20 reps each of pushups, squats, and planks.

Round No. 3

This is the round when tiredness and fatigue will creep in after a tough couple of rounds, but as time passes this will go away. Your body will learn to adapt to this workout. Focus in 3rd round should be on jabs, crosses, and hooks using MMA Punch bag. Try different combinations of the tree in five minutes and then end it with a skipping exercise.

Round No. 4

In round four your focus will be on kicks and jabs only. Follow a routine, but don’t stick to it for long. Keep changing it so your body doesn’t get used to it. Generally, your workout should contain MMA punch bag training and then end it with jump rope, all of this should not last more than five minutes. The routine has to include different combinations of knee strikes, jabs, and crosses and end it with a minute of jump rope.

Final Round No. 5

The last and final round begins with a 5 minute total workout. This includes up to five minutes grappling drills on the floor. Break it down to 10 forward rolls, then 10 backward rolls, then 100 sit-ups, 15 pushups, ground and pound, and end it with the jump rope routine.

Tip: As you grow in strength and your fitness levels improve, it is important to increase the tempo of this workout.

About the Author

Elina Jhon is a fitness expert. elina lives in London and loves to go to the gym. She’s a writer and an analysts as well. elina works out regularly and shares useful tips regarding working out and staying healthy.

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